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familiar s (de) wrote: Loosely inspired from real events, the movie was worth watching for its conspiracy theory. Backstabbing was relatively less (IMO), but it had all the contents an average political thriller should. The use of intel is over-simplified, and lacks the skills of a strong spy agency. Compared to the expectations I had from it, it was short in shock and twist values. With a bit more polishing, an efficient movie could have been created. This sort of films are hardly made in mainstream cinema in Bollywood. A weak attempt with average performances..Its success might have led to the flicks of this genre. Anyway, good luck next time, if at all.

Charles C (fr) wrote: J'ai beaucoup aime cette histoire qui, ne sachant pas si elle provient de faits vecus, pourrait aussi bien etre vraie. La realite Israel-Palestien est tres bien decrite dans ce film. Je ne sais pas qui as raison mais je sais qu'elle n'a plus son sens en 2013. UN HUMAIN EST UNE HUMAIN, peut importe son origine. A voir!

Laura L (jp) wrote: Absolutely brilliant film based on a fantastic true story. Moving, great acting and a great cast.

Suanne L (kr) wrote: Awesooome surfinnn!! Bringing back memories =) Good story abt brotherhood, friendship n family. Soo love the good old ozzie accent!

Deanna C (fr) wrote: Very low-keyed, but makes very important points in the story about life.

Jim M (de) wrote: In the Northern Ontario town of Weedsville live Dexter (Scott Speedman) and Royce (Wes Bently), two Heroin junkies, and their hooker/junkie friend Matilda (Taryn Manning). In debt to a dealer named Omar (whose use of Curling gear is unorthodox), things get worse when Matilda OD's on stolen goods. Deciding to dump the body at the local drive in, the two interupt a human sacrifice by a trio of Satanists...then Matilda wakes up and a chase around town involiving the three junkies the Satanists, Omar, and a pack of Midgets begins. Hilarious comedy set in my neck of the woods. Speedman and Bently are great and work well together. The dynamic between the three friends feels real (Royce and Matilda are an item, Dexter has a thing for Matilda even if he won't admit it to himself). There thrown into one insane night (also involving Matt Frewer as a hippy millionare with an iceical lodged in his head). If you like Trailer Park Boys or Harold and Kumar you'll like Weirdsville. Check it out.

Simptica P (us) wrote: This unheralded biopic changes how a movie tribute usually plays out: no heroic halo here. While at it, Pimentel might also changed the world's attitudes to people with disabilities.

Dan R (kr) wrote: Three stories. All about lesbians during different time periods. The modern one with Sharon Stone and Ellen was the least compelling. Perhaps it feels a little dated since women couples are having children much more easily than they were in 2000. The second one is set in the 70s during feminism and the sexual revolution. Chloe Sevingy and Michelle Williams play a new couple and let's just say they should be a couple in real life because they have smoking chemistry. But the best story was the first. It takes place in the 1950s and Vanessa Redgrave plays a woman who loses her female partner and then less everything except her memory. Redgrave gives one of the best performances I've seen in some time. She doesn't speak too much but does so much heartbreaking acting with her face and body. She devastated me. It is well worth watching for the first story.

Philip L (ru) wrote: Satirical, cheesy and completely demented.

Xain R (br) wrote: A complete fun ride with two totally opposite (Blonde and Dark Haired) ladies on a magnificent cruise and later into the streets of Paris. Together they offer you twist of one seductive yet dumb girl befriended with intelligent and witty one. Musical numbers are the highlight of the film.

Ed D (jp) wrote: Totally BS 1950's version of Indian affairs. Hollywood creating it's own history. A good fictional movie not at least relevant to true history. A star fest and that is all!

bill s (kr) wrote: Confusingly wooden remake that you either forgive certain things in this movie or you don't...I didn't.

Andr D (au) wrote: "Woman In Gold" es la historia real acerca de una mujer austriaca sobreviviente al holocausto (Helen Mirren), quien pide la ayuda de un joven abogado (Ryan Reynolds) para recuperar la pintura de su ta que fue robada por los nazis y que es ni ms ni menos que "La Mujer Dorada" de Gustav Klimt. Como es costumbre, Mirren le da clase y peso a la pelcula y su contraparte (el irregular Ryan Reynolds) hace un trabajo ms que decente. La historia de "Woman In Gold" basta y sobra para hacer que esta pelcula convencional sea un trabajo interesante de principio a fin.