Buster is a small time crook who pulls a big time job. When he finds that the police will not let the case drop, he goes into hiding and can't contact his wife and child. He arranges to meet them in Mexico where he thinks they can begin again, but finds that he must choose between his family and freedom.

This movie is based on the story of Buster Edwards, one of the thieves involved in "The Great Train Robbery" of 1963. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nash M (jp) wrote: Not a bad zombie movie. Go in expecting little and you should be pleased. There are a couple of mercy kills that are eerie to watch.

David A (de) wrote: I'm still waiting for someone to tell me this was just a mockumentary trying to cash in on the success of Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield...

Harrison R (fr) wrote: more like high school low point in everyone's careers

pacificoduck (kr) wrote: brings back childhood nightmares,lol

Julie S (de) wrote: This is one of the films I remember most from being a kid in the eighties. I think that has to say something, sure it looks dated now but what would anyone expect. I have to say this is still a really entertaining film. I personally loved the gun that froze time.

Calib M (br) wrote: Mel Brooks is someone who i love, and have lots of respect for. I love all of his movies in one way or another. ''The Producer'' (1967) is one of the funniest movies ever made, and ''Space Balls'' (1987) and ''Young Frankenstein'' (1974) are one of the best spoof's ever made. (''Robin Hood: Men in Tights'' (1993), ''Silent Movie'' (1976), ''High Anxiety'' (1977), and History of the World: Part I (1981), are decent spoofs, that have their moments)''Blazing Saddles'' (1974) is no different. It is racist, offensive, it doesn't have a lot of classy polish, its structure is a total mess, the story line is pretty shaky. But damn, this movie is one hilarious film. I was gasping for air throughout the whole film because i was laughing constantly. The writing is excellent, the dialogue on point and the story is brilliantly hilarious. The performances are incredible, every actor (even the minor ones) have impeccable comedic timing which is one of many things that make this movie excellent.The story is fantastic, and it is something you would think, no one would think off. In this rfilm a greedy land developer named Hedley greases palms of insane an insane governor (beautifully portrayed by Mel Brooks himself, easily the funniest performance out of everyone in the film) to induce his help to snatch land to build Hedley's railroad. A key piece of land, Rock Ridge, is a town where everyone seems to be named Johnson, all deeply entrenched in the town. The governor tries to help Hedley rid himself of the townspeople; first, he appoints black sheriff Bart for Rock Ridge. Next, Hedley sics Lili von Shtupp, "Teutonic Twit" on Bart. With the help of his sidekick, The Waco Kid, Bart fights for his new town. But, the politicos fight back. (The last 20 minutes, are so meta, and self referential, it could be distracting for some (me in the beginning) but hilarious to most. (me in the end)All in all, ''Blazing Saddles'' is a hilarious movie and a masterpiece in the genre of comedy. No matter what your opinion/prejudice is of the movie, you're unlikely to be bored.

Allen B (br) wrote: If you hate Westerns,this is one you will like!

James C (fr) wrote: Directed by John Ford for Samuel Goldwyn and starring Rolman Colman and Helen Hayes, this movie is flawd with a confusing third act. However, worth seeing as it is a pre-Code Ford that has Colman having an affair with Myrna Loy and more importantly, an African-American playing a doctor, extremely rare for its time period.

Ola G (mx) wrote: Everly (Salma Hayek), a prostitute working for the brutal criminal overlord Taiko (Hiroyuki Watanabe), is being attacked in her apartment by Taiko's enforcers after he discovers that she has been working with the police to bring down his organization. However, though Taiko expected his men to kill her easily after torturing her, Everly retrieves a gun she had hidden and manages to kill all of her attackers. Taiko then begins a sadistic game of toying with Everly, dispatching numerous hired killers and offering the other prostitutes in the building (which he presumably owns) a bounty if they manage to kill her. Meanwhile, Everly attempts to contact her mother Edith (Laura Cepeda) and young daughter Maisey (Aisha Ayamah) to save them from other henchmen of Taiko and get them out of the situation alive...This is a bloody and violently senseless B-action flick that fails to find that perfect balance between a cartoony vibe and an action movie that delivers something exciting within the genre. The script is ridiculous from most angles and the exploitation of violence and women is unfortunately taking over the film and it never seems to stop. It gets worse and worse and director Joe Lynch seems to love his own cleverness in finding terrible ways of killing off people during the running time. Salma Hayek does what she can with her role, and despite her full on performance and beauty she still ends up as a two dimensional character. The kick-ass action with Everly in the middle is just too much and I found myself wanting the movie to be over. The best and only good scene in the whole movie is when Everly is confronted in the end by her daughter Maisey played by the cute Aisha Ayamah. Theres something in that scene. But, the rest is not really worth a watch in my book.