The gun-totin', Bible-thumpin' Preacher Man Bob must right the universal karma accidently set wrong when Brian inadvertantlty kills his obnoxious butt-cleavaged roommate, Wade.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:68 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:curse,   spoof,   accident,  

The gun-totin', Bible-thumpin' Preacher Man Bob must right the universal karma accidently set wrong when Brian inadvertantlty kills his obnoxious butt-cleavaged roommate, Wade. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl M (de) wrote: A simple night at home turns into a deadly game of survival for Christine and Michael when three of their son's low-life friends hold them hostage while waiting for him to return. Director Paul Andrew Williams of THE COTTAGE fame has digested the works of Wes Craven and Michael Haneke then placed an urban edge on them in the 2010 home invasion Horror story, CHERRY TREE LANE. A strict dichotomy is drawn between Britain's upper and lower classes, where Williams has the chance to explore the mutual exclusivity of each through the microcosm on screen. The same dark humor that we experienced in FUNNY GAMES creeps through these teens' bleak world view as well, proposing a life in which violence and crime have become accepted as a daily occurrence. Where CHERRY TREE LANE falters is in its inability to bring anything new to the table. We have seen this all before, it has simply been reprocessed to fit the current social climate that surrounds Britain's inner city youth. Williams does leave us with a brilliant closing shot, however, and one that intentionally provokes the viewer to choose between giving in to their insatiable blood lust and desire for revenge, or to maintain their last hold on civilization. CHERRY TREE LANE does show a marked improvement in style and form for the director.

Britt G (gb) wrote: Horrible movie, it even made my 65 year old mother to say W...T...F..... tho my stoner friends loved it.

AD V (de) wrote: Miike turns to superheroes and for the most part succeeds. It's extremely slow at times but never becomes outright boring. The last 30 minutes really makes the film though.

Trinity C (nl) wrote: Sci-Fi.....stop making movies! You're terrible at it!

Pierrecharley R (ca) wrote: A really hard movie whit a tone that is almost frightening. Not for children nor teenager.

Brian F (jp) wrote: It's not have closed captain then not fair!

David T (br) wrote: This is definitely one of my top films of all time. My opinion, this film is one of, if not, the most under-rated movie of all time.

Corey W (es) wrote: My brother must have watched this movie over a hundred times during our childhood.

Steven B (ca) wrote: Treat Williams just isn't charismatic enough to support its three-hour running time. Otherwise, it's a nifty precursor to Scorsese's "Goodfellas".

Larissa N (gb) wrote: film about the sexual odysseys of 2 friends (nicholson, garfunkel) from youth to middle age, in which both of whom are good.

Mikey Way Is SEXY R (ag) wrote: it iz a veryyy nice movie..

Paul D (de) wrote: Without Kirk Douglas this western would have little fizz to it as the story is ordinary stuff. He gives a nice performance although nothing award worthy.

carlos g (ca) wrote: Cool idea, interesting setting/location, but one question. Ever heard of a tripod?

Matt H (br) wrote: I thought the story was really awesome. Greg Kinear was outstanding. The 4 year old kid was a little awkward but not to bad.

rick r (de) wrote: Not wanting to be stereotypically me and go for Christmas and Halloween horror, which I tend to migrate toward, I have decided to review "My Bloody Valentine" 1981. One of those classic slasher flicks that I have seen many a time. The story follows the folklore around a mining accident in Valentine Bluffs. It happens on one of the holiday's that quite frankly since becoming an adult I do not seem to get into. (Neither does my BF so I am good on all counts with that!). "My Bloody Valentine" was directed by George Mihalka. Actually until the remake came out I thought most people just threw this film to the side or just forgot about it. It is a true classic horror story with the principle set ups, story line, and back story. A man left behind in an mine collapse goes insane, kills out of revenge, he becomes legend, and the legend comes to life. There are some truly gory moments in this 80's flick. From one victim crammed in a dryer and another being speared on a shower spout this film really makes an effort to get as gory as it's "Friday the 13th counterparts. This film began a long line of horror flicks around holidays most of which were cut and dry. Kids do something or go some where they are told not to, have a good time then get slaughtered. For me "My Bloody Valentine" got most of the stuff you want in a horror movie right. The story was classic and dark from the legend of Harry Warden to the defiant Valentine party at the mine. The acting is par for the coarse in early 80's horror films. The sound effects are minimal but eerie with only one real song worth mentioning "The Ballad Of Harry Warden".There is a lot of build up in this film with suspense and point-of-view angles as the killer spies on the town and sneaks up on the victims. There is plenty of blood and gore in the film that at times seems as graphic as you can get. Other times it seems cheap and plasticated. However there is nothing about any of the special effects in this film that did not work. Even the large human heart in the candy box looked gory enough to have an impact. This film has some things that make it annoying. It is a digitally remastered film but it seems to come from a bad master because the sound effects and over all quality is stressed and at times screechy. Much like the original "Friday The 13th" is. IT was a period in horror when high pitched tones (much like nails on a chalkboard) were standard in horror films. It isn't a film with a great soundtrack like Amityville Horror or Nightmare On Elm Street but then again this was before Horror was so embraced. It was just getting it's first big wind when these films came out. That aside "My Bloody Valentine" remains one of my favorite simply because the death scenes are gory and good, I like a cheesy story with minimal acting and it is from my favorite decade of horror films. Not my favorite holiday but this is one of my all time favorite films.

Heather M (mx) wrote: This is a pleasant movie with a lot of atmosphere.

Kale W (us) wrote: 3.23 --- Entertaining and pretty funny but the story never really picks up.