Butterfly Man

Butterfly Man

Adventure/romance about an English backpacker whose world falls apart when he meets and falls in love with a beautiful girl on an exotic Thai island.

Adventure/romance about an English backpacker whose world falls apart when he meets and falls in love with a beautiful girl on an exotic Thai island. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pragyan T (es) wrote: Madras Caf comes from the Zero Dark Thirty school of filmmaking. The backdrop of the movie is that of the 1990s civil war inflicted Sri Lanka and centers on a fictional account of the Rajeev Gandhi assassination. Compared to others films coming from the recent Bollywood obsession with espionage thrillers, the content and craft of Madras Caf is of superior class and the director Shoojit Sircar deals his subject with much needed boldness and realism.The film opens in the 1990s. LTF (Liberation Tamil Front) is battling the Sri Lankan government to get a separate state for the Tamil minority of the nation. The conflict has reached to a critical point with increasing number of casualties. This issue has gained international attention and as an influential neighbor, India comes in as a mediator to talk both parties to amend peace. But when the LTF rejects all kind of peace proposals from India, the only option for the Indian government is to operate covert missions and take down the leader of LTF.In comes Major Vikram (John Abraham), the right man for the right job. He's recruited by RAW and is assigned the responsibility to head all undercover missions and bring an end to the guerrilla movement. As the story unfolds, Vikram delves deeper into conspiracies and double-crossings that test him both physically and psychologically.From the beginning, the film carries a tensed tone. The opening minutes of the film presents brutal images of war and the outcry of the innocents are hauntingly filmed. It is perhaps the strength of the screenplay that keeps the story unpredictable, even though we are aware about the assassination plot upfront. Each sequence throws Major Vikram into uncharted territories as we witness him whirling into uncertainty and suspicions.As a political thriller, Madras Caf is fast paced and demands sincere attention from its audience. The only glitch is that it tries to incorporate too much material at once and races its way till the end. Also, few scenes, the ones with the officers talking in their own lingos, are completely exposition heavy and confusing. However, even with a politically incorrect plot, Madras Caf is believable and it leaves behind a social commentary on the devastating consequences of war.

JuanKa P (us) wrote: Una nave espacial ha aterrizado forzosamente en La Tierra, planeta que ha sido abandonado por los humanos y que se ha regenerado de tal forma que todas las especies constituyen al menos cierto peligro, precisamente para los humanos. En esa nave la tripulacin est compuesta por Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) y su padre Cypher (Will Smith). El padre se encuentra herido y la misin de encontrar la forma de pedir ayuda, pesara en el joven Kitai y su habilidada para sobrevivir en un ambiente tan hostil, mientras intentan retener a la Ursa, una criatura aliengena que llevabana para entrenarse junto al resto de la tripulacin. La colaboracin e interpretacin entre los dos Smith, Jayden y Will es lo mejor de la pelcula.

Jonathan P N (jp) wrote: Touching and funny :).

Charles M (ca) wrote: Simplistic, poorly acted and hardly "cerebral," this flick is like a highschool play written by highschoolers, with a lame premise and interminable bad dialogue and with an embarrassing sense of self-importance.

Maxime R (gb) wrote: Le casting est excellent, les dialogues claquent et certaines situations sont compltement hilarantes. Mais l'histoire a du mal s'installer, elle semble tourner un peu vide dans une succession de scnes comiques, sans que la galerie de personnages prenne de la consistance.

Kylie U (es) wrote: Interesting, but no sequel as yet to finish the story.

Ilja S (jp) wrote: Even to a die-hard D fan, this is a little too cheesy, but I would still rewatch it a million times.

Tyler S (it) wrote: At the time a hilarious peice of work...now there is all this garbage out there like "Date Movie" and "Disaster Movie. " This was actually a funny movir at the time. Obviously it's dated but for what it is there are some laugh out loud moments.

Alex K (ca) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.

Tim W (ca) wrote: Messed up and heavy. So strange and bizarre, but also funny and clever. Metaphors! Was a bit like a Woody Allen movie mixed with Eternal Sunshine. Something about identity and control? Not everyone will like it, but if you have good taste in movies, give this a watch...and rewatch.

SOFIA D (kr) wrote: It was an amazing movie! I Watch it all the time, and i love all the characters including Moose???!

Jordan J (ru) wrote: The Pirates band of misfits is a fun adventure for the entire family.