Je to film sestávající ze šesti povídek, které většinou černě humornou, ironickou, mnohdy i trpce hořkou formou vyprávějí o jednom dávném prokletí, lidské nevěře, podivných úchylkách, nečekaném zázraku i pokryteckém odpuštění. Mají svou vlastní vypointovanou stavbu, specifickou atmosféru i způsob zpracování, a přesto jedna druhé předává motivy vzájemně spolu komunikující a pozorující tytéž věci z různých úhlů. (oficiální text distributora)

Twist of fate and the twists of mind of the characters (mostly couples) combine in just the right twinkled absurd way in the interweaving episodes of this comedy. Each of the characters ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carrie B (nl) wrote: Probably more humorous to those of us in the hunt, but I enjoyed it.

Maa N (es) wrote: The movie is hard to follow and sometimes too strange and direct. The actors were great. I didn't get the male side in all that, though.

Victoria R (nl) wrote: i love completely this movie

Brian B (jp) wrote: Laughable, or perhaps that was the idea. I really don't know where they get some of these actors.

Kevin Q (it) wrote: it's not that bad....but not that good either. You do get some laughs at least

Doc A (ru) wrote: Oh, to have his problems. Three women throwing themselves at him.

Steve S (au) wrote: A mad scientist, his pretty assistant and ab giant chimp. Pretty corny.

Julian T (kr) wrote: Fantastic B movie. In fact, this might be the genre's posterchild. Simply awful, but awesome at the same time. Campy, cheesy, ridiculous fun. With a short 60 minute run time, its a quick watch, and a must see for B horror movie fans. I can't rate it any higher than 2.5 due to its awfulness, but don't let that fool you.

Russell S (de) wrote: In a shortened version this would have made for a great episode of the Twilight Zone! Oddly intriguing and a movie that despite it's almost comical premise works well enough to keep you watching until the end.

Tsukasa A (de) wrote: Jessica Biel's performance as a female soldier is impressive.

Steve S (ru) wrote: Mildly amusing Abbott & Costello comedy. The zaniness gets a bit much, but the duo is still quite fun to watch.

Qin M (ca) wrote: A perfect fairytale!

Matthew F (gb) wrote: Andie is hot, which equals good plot, so I give it a 5/5

WS W (kr) wrote: The DVD cover (not this one seen here) looks as if it was a ghost story. Perhaps it would be less tedious if it was really one.