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The film is a series of vignettes from Taiji Tonoyama's life and film clips, interspersed with a dialogue to camera by Nobuko Otowa, addressing the camera as if she is addressing Tonoyama himself, recollecting events in his life. The film focuses on Tonoyama's alcohol dependence and his various sexual relationships, as well as his film work with Shindo.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:126 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on book,  

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Ben H (es) wrote: This movie really bring back my adolescent years memories...

Kassah W (br) wrote: so sad and good thought provoking

Bill R (jp) wrote: A "must see" documentary film. Very balanced account of the tradeoffs between too much and too little sharing of sensitive information.

Samantha K (ca) wrote: Quite quirky, enjoyed it alot x good humour

Janet K (it) wrote: A beautiful documentary that sifts through the truly rough times involved with Holocaust survivors to find a deeply passionate love that survived.

Paul D (jp) wrote: Strange story of celebrity obsession at its most dangerous. Intriguing but not the best acted.

Matthew H (ag) wrote: Amazing 2nd chapter and the Battle of Helms Deep is really mind blowing.

John C (br) wrote: A terrific--if extremely outlandish--story, backed up with an impeccably loveable performance from Billy Crudup, Jesus' Son is nothing short of an indie classic.

Harpreet S (br) wrote: Not a masterpiece as it was said in the trailer! But, a fine film, no doubt. The story is very simple. I really liked the shooting in various climate changes. It has good performances by the two leads. A powerful film about survival and friendship.

Alia P (us) wrote: This has an all star cast, and is the earliest Jimmy Stewart movie I've ever seen. I don't really care for the title, but I love Jean Harlow's role in this as a change from her earlier sassy blonde bombshell image to something more in character with her real life personality.

Steven S (de) wrote: If I had read the reviews I would not have seen this, but even though I am stretching it to 3 stars because I watched it while sick in bed and it is perfect for that,

Cody M (kr) wrote: A very charming and mysterious movie that makes you feel like a kid again.