In Paris, Ismaél, a young Tunisian, cares for two brothers, Nouredine, a cripple, and streetwise Mouloud, 14. In haste, Ismaél and Mouloud go to Marseilles where an uncle lives. Nouredine has died in a fire, and Ismaél feels guilt on top of grief. Ismaél becomes friends with Jacky, a white man whose father and brother hate immigrants. Mouloud hangs out with cousin Rhida who breaks Islamic rules and deals hash. Ismaél decides Mouloud must return to Tunisia, but the boy runs off, becoming an acolyte to Rhida's supplier. Ismaél and Jacky's Arab girlfriend start an affair, friends betray friends, and the racism gets ugly. Can Ismaél rescue himself and Mouloud or will life in France crush them?

In Paris, Ismaél, a young Tunisian, cares for two brothers, Nouredine, a cripple, and streetwise Mouloud, 14. In haste, Ismaél and Mouloud go to Marseilles where an uncle lives. Nouredine ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hieu N (it) wrote: Booboo Stewart was so adorable, but that was just about it. The entire good-looking cast was very unconvincing and badly directed.

Taryn D (mx) wrote: I wanted to like this movie, I really did. But the script. Oh the script. It was extremely weak. It was piecemeal at best, and ludicrous at worst. The thing that made it at least somewhat watchable was the actors. Richard Speight Jr. managed to take a flatly written, one dimension character and bring him some life. But the For example, when Sam "meets God" it a confusing hodgepodge, and God just comes off as snarky. You don't feel like Sam just had a genuine spiritual experience where he actually connects to a Higher Power and changes. It's more like the electrical jolt did some brain damage. Richard Speight Jr. did what he could with it, but even one of the most underused and seriously talented actors is Hollywood couldn't save that scene. Which was a shame, because it should have been touching and profound. Instead it was an eye roll moment. Sal Savante also did quite a bit with his role, and infused some life into him. The real cringer though, was Elijah Rock as Jamal. He played a caricature of African American's that was just painful. On the upside, the movie is kid friendly. There's no bad language, or inappropriate situations. There are a few laughs, and it had potential, but it needed a serious rewrite. Maybe it would have been better served if it had been marketed to kids. I don't know. But it was a disappointment, and I can't say I'll ever watch it again.

Caitlin L (mx) wrote: An alright movie. Not my favorite of Toms.

Lewis E (es) wrote: Presumably inspired by 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' (who would have guessed), this Korean spaghetti western exhibits awesome gun-fights, creative directing and well blended humour which generally makes for an exhilerating viewing. Unfortunately it was slightly hindered by, in my opinion, an anti-climatic final stand off. Not through shortage of bullets but I felt it didn't follow naturally from the events that preceded it. Great first half but it is a shame to see something which started off with a bang end with a whimper.

Bradley C (ca) wrote: In Afghan; Afghanistan, the Netherlands, Japan, Ireland, Iran.

Thomas S (es) wrote: Terrible, absolutley terrible. But brilliant at the same time. I'm I being ironic? I'm not lying when I say John Barrowman is the best actor in it. Has to be seen.

Bengel W (de) wrote: Cruelly sexual and explicit this is a hard hitting story that is brutally acted. The music is thunderously critical of the acts and the camera follows each moment with a crawling sensuality. The harshness is exemplified by the sets and locations and the force of the actions of the story. If you are a holy person this film is not for you. Nibbles: A good strong Jamaica coffee with this one.

Ricardo C (nl) wrote: Esta tierna, y te ensea a valorar todo lo que tienes y a aprovecharlo. Muy bonita y cruel.

Kevin M W (us) wrote: Stilted offering that's opener is that we accept Gibson's lunatic fringe wackjob taxicab driver as a nice guy. Doesn't materialize. I found myself thinking instead that here was an example of the type of antics that got him railroaded out of the fast lane of Hollywood. I'm not a big Julia Roberts fan, but Gibson was so offensive that for once I sympathized with her, particularly when while he was in the middle of a loony rampage and she was called on to look at him with warmth. There are many scenes like that. Believability quotient: zero. I kept wondering when he was gonna get tasered. Patrick Stewart, the bad guy in these proceedings, plays against the overplayed lunacy and comes off doing a superior sinister indeed. Imagine a root canal ... that's what watching this is like.

Kent L (fr) wrote: gritty and very entertaining

Jessica D (gb) wrote: Good, old fashioned musical with Danny Kaye playing both his main Character, and his book worm brother. Great storyline, something cute to watch on a boring day.

Jordan M (kr) wrote: If you love Star Wars and cameos this is a perfect film

Peter W (es) wrote: I don(TM)t quite no what it is ,but films set in New Orleans don(TM)t excite me,Slow begging for me, but perks up soon enough and well worth a watch.