Bye Bye Berlusconi!

Bye Bye Berlusconi!

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Bye Bye Berlusconi! torrent reviews

Robert L (ca) wrote: Meh. It was an ok documentary about the LHC. Expected more of a physics lesson though. Movie mainly followed a bunch of physics geeks going around getting excited about upcoming events in which nothing particularly interesting happened (to a lay person). I felt it focused too much on the scientists' emotions and not enough on the science itself.

Inus M (ag) wrote: showing gang life in the west

Narayanan A (it) wrote: 90% - Tarzan consists of a dark touch to its story but makes it very fun to watch due to its brightly-colored animation and extremely funny dialogues.

Patrick M (fr) wrote: Kind of corny, but still worth it

Talal H (au) wrote: the reason i still watch this movie only for wesley snipes comments , i will watch it until year 2023

RON (us) wrote: the gunships have the movie

Matt W (jp) wrote: Haven't seen this in years! Rented it a few times back in the day.