Bye-Bye Bin Laden

Bye-Bye Bin Laden

The Bushes and the Bin Ladens battle on national television with dueling series aimed at boosting their popularity with the masses in this animated musical satire with a cast of characters that includes Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Omar and Jenna Bush. While Bin Laden waffles on format, the Bushes come up with a surefire winner: "The George and Jenna Comedy Hour," where dancing crucifixes and patriotic hot pants are the order of the day.

South Park meets The Daily Show in this irreverent, animated satire about war, TV, women's rights and religious extremism. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bye-Bye Bin Laden torrent reviews

John C (kr) wrote: It was alright, not great, just alright. I wanted more footage of them playing live, or telling me some sort of story, but it never happened. The documentary maker missed a tremendous opportunity to tell the story of when the European tour almost collapsed. The entire thing was a bit pretentious. I absolutely love the stone roses, but at times this documentary was just too far over the top.

Dan M (kr) wrote: A fascinating story of people suffering with Lyme disease, the insurance companies who don't want to pay for it, and the doctors who put their practices at risk by treating the patients anyway. It is a very sad story, but important to see, and very interesting.

Pat G (jp) wrote: BAD ASS! A fun wild popcorn movie romp. 1 star less, for long boring scene of the 2nd 1/2s group of girls talking in that diner, ......and....for the vooiiistriously nauseating Kim (tracie toms). KURT KILLED IT!

Facebook U (es) wrote: Tomatometer says rotten but it is still a nice film. A bit too nice. This is whitewashing the germans with a nice story. There are still plenty in the film to ponder about though. I would say that it makes the film child-safe. The girl is fabulous, the boy not too bad. I think this film is targetting a child audience and as such, it goes far enough.

Lenard K (fr) wrote: Bhutanese movie where a government official stationed in a small village yearns to emigrate to the United States. This interesting and uplifting movie directed by the Rinpoche Khyentse Norbu showcases the landscape and people of Bhutan, and also slips in a bit of Buddhist philosophy.

Jonathan W (au) wrote: I like the songs and most of the characters but it's lost its charm from Jim. But still it's worth seeing once.

HaLeY p (ca) wrote: michael richards and that other guy are hilarious. its so touching though, i totally cried. the kid is so wonderful, he's human and alive and very much real. Franz, hahaha... very very good. the mom totally got to me, the way she went and kissed her kids and her husband and then left the room and died... i couldnt stop thinking about that scene for the rest of the movie. beautiful. what a lovely, enjoyable (not to mentionn cry-fest) film.

Alexandre D (kr) wrote: Les debuts de la Nouvelle-France missionnaire en pays montagnais et huron selon un realisateur australien... J'etais alle voir ca au cinema pendant mon cours d'histoire sec. IV et moi et mes potes avions bien aime ! Grande sobriete et traitement realiste, pratiquement pas de musique. On s'y croirait !

Scott R (nl) wrote: Not for everyone. Minimalist, long winded story telling of a woman and her son's daily life.

Ebba R (it) wrote: Poe+Corman+Price=The Unholy Trinity! :D :D

Sherwin L (gb) wrote: Jean Cocteau was way ahead of his time.

Alicia C (de) wrote: I loved this. Maybe that's because I also love 18th century French clothing, good music, and romance. (and beautiful people!)

John Eric D (au) wrote: The first half of the film was a spot on. I mean the humor of it is pretty funny instead they put racism in a special and humorous way. Until in the middle of it. I find it hard to appreciate thus it has all cheesy and corny moments that you can get. The presentation is not bad at all with all the neat CGI extravaganza. Nazi space wars against the Earth is not a bad idea. Though it's become worse when it became more over the top and to say its just another corny thing to watch. Recommended when you're drunk.

william w (de) wrote: Sean Connery's initial retirement from Bond