Bye Bye Braverman

Bye Bye Braverman

Friends gather for the funeral of a friend. Sub-plots unfold as the group attempts to link-up to attend the funeral of their friend, Braverman.

Four Jewish intellectuals carpool to the funeral of their old friend Leslie Braverman, who died suddenly at age 41. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Loyal D (ca) wrote: Nothing special but not as bad as some say it seems. It was hilarious and had a solid supporting cast. I enjoyed this comedy but it wasn't anything ground breaking so it doesn't stand out much beyond just being funny and enjoyable.

Tommy F (es) wrote: First of all, this was a great entry in the Bond series. I loved the introduction of Q. I love this new direction of gritty realism. It was almost a callback to GoldenEye, one of my favorite Bond movies as a child. I love the former 00-agent facing off against Bond story. My only nit to pick is Casino Royale and Quantum were furthering the same start whereas Skyfall was a standalone... and I want to see where that original story was going.

Rui L (mx) wrote: Holly Weston and final performance of Gogol Bordello save a forgetable film.

Shashia G (kr) wrote: Come now, isn't this a nicely done take?

Mark R (jp) wrote: Interesting interviews with intelligence experts.

Jens S (mx) wrote: The story of a young warrior uniting the Kazakh tribes of the vast tundra plains against Mongolian invaders. Although it combines a few international B-movie stars to tell this tale, the film actually looks really good and far from cheap. The cinematography and landscapes are very beautiful, the soundtrack nicely pompous and fitting. Sadly, that's already the best you can say about this oddly boring film. Too many stereotypes and bad dialogues make it hard for the audience to get involved. The riding and sword fight action scenes are decent at best but have been done better and more exciting in many movies. Although things do get better towards the end it somehow leaves a stale taste in your mouth, considering how much better this could have been with a little more love for a decent story and lines.

Bill P (jp) wrote: Great Martial Arts action, best of the 90's - today.......

Issac L (nl) wrote: This film is derived from the eponymous Tony-award winning play starring Pauline Collins as the titular protagonist, who reprises her role on the big screen by director Lewis Gilbert, the film captures two Oscar nominations BEST ACTRESS for Collins and BEST ORIGINAL SONG THE GIRL WHO USED TO BE ME?. Entertainingly satisfactory, SHIRLEY VALENTINE features a direct talking-to-you approach from the very start (also including talking-to-the-wall and talking-to-the-Greek-stone antics), and it distinctively assists the film to be saturated in a zanily humorous tone, and all the dialogues are astutely written, after 20 years, it still could feasibly express the zeitgeist of the independence of woman in a quite smart fashion. Collins is fully equipped with all the wisecracks which can easily crack audience up with and the life-inspiring adventure in an exotic country to pursue self-seeking catharsis has its adequate ammunitions to cheer up middle-aged women who are trapped in their drudgeries and may set a paradigm but in reality a free trip to Greece does not happen every day, although the uplifting message has been effectively and manifestly delivered and Collins is spectacular in conveying her pertinent way of narrating with the viewers, and successfully mingles the mundane escapism with a whiff of upscale self-esteem (as a theatrical old-hander, she might could overdo it), although her nude scenes are rather too realistic to be admired on screen, it is gutsy for the actress per se, but this feminist bravura is plain unnecessary. Tom Conti and Bernard Hill are the two male foils, one is Shirley(TM)s Greek womanizer, one is her stereotyped British husband, both are serviceable and it has a wackily comical response to watch Conti murmuring with his feigned Greek accent while wooing his sex prey. Also in the Liverpool locale, Collins(TM) inadvertent encounter with her high-school bestie (a wonderful cameo of Joanna Lumley) is pure amazement, especially when Lumley gracefully confesses to Collins her high-end occupation, this is the authentic Anglo spirit!

John M (ag) wrote: I caught this movie in a list about great horror movies you've never seen, however, after watching this movie I was unimpressed; it is a interesting slow burn psychological thrillers that is mildly creepy and at times bizarre but "Pin", in my opinion, it is not a great film as stated in that list only a decent horror flick.Remake is in work by the same director.

Jaime R (nl) wrote: While not Merchant Ivory's best work, it is still so remarkable.

Clay B (ru) wrote: THE LOST COMMAND (1966)

Greg W (ag) wrote: "Illusion Travels by Streetcar is the more aesthetically and politically astringent but less heartfelt cousin to Bunuel's Mexican Bus Ride."

Jesse B (jp) wrote: Washington and Hackman both give commanding performances (pun intended), as well as co stars aboard. Tense sequences and witty dialogue - which Quentin Tarantino lent an uncredited hand to - is what drives this semi-war movie about two commanders aboard a submarine ship who collide with one another when orders are given to launch those nukes against Russia through EAM, but when all com systems crash while receiving a second EAM, the two commanders clash and go head-to-head trying to prove whether to launch those missiles or not. I personally believe this is quite possibly Simpson's and Bruckheimer's most intriguing and intense movie that all movie lovers should enjoy.

Daniel D (fr) wrote: While somewhat enjoyable, I felt it lacked spark.

Alexandre M (es) wrote: The acting is ok but there's one ridiculous flaw on the movie. If the pit can send a ghost-monster-whatever to randomly kill someone in the village when they don't sacrifice the chosen person, why not send it after the chosen one in the first place? What would happen if the girl managed to escape the village? Would the monster kill everyone one by one until the pit is out of followers? Destroy it's own religion? That's one dumb pit. :D