Bye Bye Love

Bye Bye Love

This film about is about three divorced men and their relationships with their ex-wives, their children, and new women in their lives. Donny still carries a torch for his ex, and has trouble relating to his teenage daughter, Emma. Dave can't make a commitment. Vic carries a lot of anger toward his ex, and winds up with the blind date from hell. Needling all of them is a blathering radio psychologist dispensing his advice on the subject of divorce.

This is a story about the breakup of the family. In particular, it focuses on the lifestyle of three divorced men. The film is presented from their perspective and it reveals their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett B (es) wrote: Law is fantastic in this role of an egocentric loudmouth criminal. Basically a career criminal that can't get out of his own way. The plot at the beginning is a little bit all over the place, but then ties its self together at the end to give this a little bit of a redemption moment towards the end. Entertaining.

Michelle E (de) wrote: I thought the movie was really well-fine. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially like the ending.

Robin H (de) wrote: Well..... that certainly paints Matt from Heroes in a new light :)

Samiul R (gb) wrote: must watch FREAK !!

Christy L (fr) wrote: I looooooooove this movie!!

Stephanie W (us) wrote: This is a weird movie but it was really good.

Derek F (kr) wrote: With the star kid from Critters and Critters 2, this original horror comedy can pass as a highly entertaining movie experience. Original and entertaining. 3/5

Charlotte H (mx) wrote: Witty, charming and incredibly good fun! This is not your regular sci-fi movie!

ANDERSON G (kr) wrote: Few people know how to do critical in art form as Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" is no different, Kubrick has many war movies in his lean but fantastic cinematography, and "Full Metal Jacket" and the other is a great movie , contemplate here Kubrick picture, it is flawless, with only 7 men and a few destroyed buildings, Kubrick makes an epic backdrop of war, many concepts here were years deployed pie in the phenomenal "the Saving Private Ryan," the soundtrack different from his other films, is not classical, very beautiful contrary, full of pop songs, Kubrick makes us question to remember that we are in the 80s and treating children, Kubrick talks about potential and duality of human beings for evil and the limit sanity, when young people are caught for entering a battlefield after a more criminal training than practice, things do not work, intrigue, deaths, outbreaks, suicides and ignorance, we have a linear script and in a simple manner compared to its previous films, but have problems and the transition acts, the first act is too long, and you just do not see the second act, the film is a great introduction and then a final, and the performances are all reasonable, although the film has incredible scenery, impeccable costume and be Kubrick's hand in every detail, whether close at Jocker face after he kill (...), close that his face is divided by a dark layer is increased, showing the killer instinct really born in the character, the film photography, as I said, is phenomenal, we still have the introduction of Mickey's voice in the last song of the film, representing all there are children, as I said, is not the most perfect of Kubrick's films, but the film has many, many merits, and brings a critical controversy but the displays clear and didactic way.

Ryan W (mx) wrote: Reign Of Fire reminds me of a video game that just keeps repeating the same old formula by killing fantasy monsters & it is really boring

Brandon (kr) wrote: Actually much different than expected. A very impressive film. Especially for the budget they were on.