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Byzuch torrent reviews

Cameron G (ru) wrote: An emotional and evocative masterpiece brought to life by astounding performances from its lead actresses.

Rennie O (gb) wrote: Great storyline and Cuba was good as ever.

Elaine Z (au) wrote: prefer the first 2 movies, but this isn't bad neither. oguri shun demonstrates his potential to be an antagonist XD

Sean W (au) wrote: Somehow I don't believe the other girls needed to teach Brittany Snow how to get noticed by men

Nic O (br) wrote: Like Evil Dead meets The Shining. And it works very well.

HRF J (kr) wrote: Very interesting and eerie. easier to inderstand the second time around.

Sarah M (ca) wrote: one of ma fav. movies...

Gus S (au) wrote: This is a lot like Tremors only instead of cool worm monsters, you have old Chevys killing people and every character has some annoying family issues. Very dumb concept (from the mind of Stephen King no less) makes for a very dumb movie. The early stages of the film showed some promise and there were a couple of good scenes throughout, but overall it was cliched and boring. The acting was awful, especially from the "strong" female lead who sounded like she was going to fall asleep every time she spoke. One scene that was particularly ridiculous involved a toy dump truck killing a postman (yes, that's right). However, I did like the ending so it gets a half star just for that.

Jesse K (ag) wrote: 3.5/5 Clerks has some pretty great moments if you can look past the sub-par acting and slightly unlikable characters.

Robertson J (br) wrote: This film was OKAY,it was dry, but it was hilarious (55% Of the time)

Karsh D (au) wrote: Hammer goes all kitchen sink on us with this bleak tale of naive girl moving to London to meet up with a bloke so he can get her pregnant - only the bloke she falls in love with is a psycho serial killer - is there any other kind - them's the breaks.

Hunter D (de) wrote: Preston Sturges debut, while clumsier in its structure than the amazing films he did later on, is pretty great. It feels like an anti-Frank Capra film, taking a protagonist that would be Capra's honest plain-speaking no-nonsense all-American lead and making him a dishonest plain-speaking no-nonsense all-American lead. Capra loves stories where an average Joe is placed on a grand stage for all the world to see him, where he then teaches the powers that be a thing or two about life, and that's what make Sturges' spin on the Capra formula so interesting. Brian Donlevy plays McGinty, our Capra-esque protagonist, except unlike Longfellow Deeds, he's a thug and a snake, a crook who stuffs ballot boxes for corrupt politicians for a few bucks. When the mafia sees that their last man-in-office is put to pasture, McGinty is picked off the street to be their latest puppet and pretty soon he becomes the mob's mayor. As the corrupt dealings grow, so does his power, however the influence of his wife begins to make him question his conscience, and it's only when he tries to do the right thing that things go badly for him. The Sturges virgin should probably start with something a little more precise, as the man is a writer with a diamond-cutter's mind, but THE GREAT McGINTY is an enjoyable film for fans of Sturges and/or Frank Capra.

Calum B (de) wrote: The dark, brooding Rodgers & Hammerstein stage musical gets the big-budget screen treatment in this 1956 release, and the results are only moderately successful. The actors have great voices -- and certainly the score to "Carousel" is the lushest and densest R&H produced -- but they're simply not good enough actors to explore the depths of the musical's book. Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones were fine as perky country folk in "Oklahoma!" from a year earlier, but MacRae is not a dangerous enough presence to pull off the rough character of Billy Bigelow.Still, as mentioned, the score sounds wonderful and remains mostly intact for the film. And Agnes DeMille provides some characteristically stunning screen choreography, especially in the trademark R&H ballet sequence.

Brandy M (gb) wrote: One of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

Greg W (mx) wrote: ny plays a character in lloyd's last silent film