C'è un fantasma nel mio letto

C'è un fantasma nel mio letto

A couple (Carati and Crocitti) has to rent a hotel room which is really a haunted house. Well, haunted is overstating it. Just old Renzo as a horny ghost who wants to get it on with Carati....

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ghost,   female nudity,   sex,  

A couple (Carati and Cricotti) have to rent a hotel room which is really a haunted house. Well haunted is overstating it. Just old Renzo as a horny ghost who wants to get it on with Carati.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry G (gb) wrote: Looks and plays out like any show on The I.D . Network but some good inside stories.

Caleb M (us) wrote: Though it's not as good a film as you would want from Bob & David, Run Ronnie Run is still pretty damn funny. Some sketches/jokes from Mr. Show are recycled, but overall I found this white-trash-Forrest-Gump-on-meth adventure well worth the 80 minutes.

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Wayne F (jp) wrote: Just as fun as the original and worth a watch.

Tanner B (jp) wrote: Beverly Hills cop (1984) ?? 1/2Perfect role for Eddie Murphy casts him in clever comedy of tough Detroit cop transferred to the nicer streets of Beverly Hills, completely unfamiliar with the territory. Lots of amusing gags and situations. A good movie spoiled by conventional climatic shootout. Written by Daniel Petrie Jr.

Edgar C (gb) wrote: The first significant Hollywood big-screen adaptation of the myth of Perseus is filled with visual mythological wonders and fantastic creatures: you will face the colossal might of the Kraken, you will fight giant scorpions, you will challenge Dioskilos (the two-headed dog), you will chase the Vulture flying on top of the wings of Pegasus, you will stare at the eyes of the Medusa and live to talk about it, you will see Sir Laurence Olivier as the most unfair motherfucker god of them all, the immortal Zeus, and you will find out that golden mechanical owls have the anatomical capacity to cough!Surprisingly enough, this feast for the eyes surpassed all of my personal expectations. Acting is not the strong aspect here, no. After all, everything is portrayed in its most extreme side of its spectrum: love at first sight which passion surpasses all realms of realistic credibility, fearless men, unbelievable bravery... All of the classic literature components that can make an unforgettable classical adventure. The beauty of it is to witness optical effects and stop-motion spectacles, with drastically noticeable superimposed images and scenarios throughout 60% of the running time. And you know what? I love it! I love it with every fiber of my being, consciously recognizing my weak-sided bias for these kind of visuals, because, for some weird psychological reason, even if they do not look so realistic or polished as millionaire CGI effects, they cause a bigger impact, and therefore enhance the epicness intended since the days of the silent film The Thief of Bagdad (1924) until today.74/100

bill h (it) wrote: lofty ambitions but the wheels fall off. ok so this movie really flies apart at the seems. the film is ambitious with its time line shifting. i really think quentin tarrantino must have been a fan of this flick. the odd darting back and forth through the years is pretty cool. some of the split screen stuff is cool as well. where the movie fails is when it completely loses all the depth to the characters. the film quality also looks very plastic and deadpan. there is some ridiculous hippie scenes in the film. at times it is quite awkward. this coupled with some really great scenes like the drag racing and vietnam scenes makes for a very odd sit through. you will be tempted to turn it off and go to bed,but its a intresting watch. hard to say what happened to lucas between the first flick and this one but i think perhaps part of it was he was too much of a nerd to pull off the scenes wich revolved around the hippie generation. the film really at times feels like you are flipping tv stations and watching different shows rather than one body of work.

Grant S (jp) wrote: Set in post-WW2 Italy, a working class man's bicycle is stolen. Him and his son set out to find it.Good, but not great. The central theme is great, and posed an excellent moral conundrum. However, the sub-plots and middle section of the story are quite unfocused and the story drifts.It also hasn't aged well - the cinematography is quite basic, even by 1948 standards.This is all said, this is a classic, and a must-see for historic reasons. It created a template for neorealist drama, and poses some interesting moral questions to this day.

Mark R (au) wrote: Laurel and Hardy reruns were a regular feature on children's TV when I was growing up and this is a great example of the duo at their prime. Famous as much for it's "lonesome pine" song as anything else, for me the delight in seeing Stan Laurel's permanently baffled face... A classic!

Dougie Lawless P (jp) wrote: It's the best movie ever Jenn-ay

Carlo C (br) wrote: Comedia romntica (Hathaway no sale en otra cosa) con un aderezo muy especial y sabroso, el personaje y la actuacin del Sr. Deniro le dan un extra a la pelcula que la vuelve buena y digna de verse.

John T (es) wrote: It certainly was a well done film but it was so so so slow. I wish I a had a fast forward function when I watched it on Netflix. At 1.5x speed it would have been much better. If youJust can't bare the slowness just go to the last 10 minutes.