C.I.D. 909

C.I.D. 909

A wealthy Indian scientist known as Professor has developed a nuclear project to bring about peace in the world. He has encrypted this project in code words known only to him and his daughter, Reshma. Then Wong abducts his wife, Paro, and blackmails the professor. The Professor is ready to turn over the project to Wong, when Wasco abducts Reshma and holds her for ransom in exchange for the same project. C.I.D. Agent Raju steps in and rescues Reshma and both fall in love with each other. But their problems are far from over as Reshma gets abducted again - this time by both Wong and Wasco. Raju search for Reshma lands him in a dungeon - paving the way for the criminals to force the professor to handover the project as well as the solution to the secret code to them.

A wealthy Indian scientist known as Professor has developed a nuclear project to bring about peace in the world. He has encrypted this project in code words known only to him and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Byron B (nl) wrote: Writer/director/producer Sarah Polley must love the shot of Michelle Williams riding the indoor amusement park ride the Scrabbler. With its romantic sparkling lights and way it gradually pushes two people together it is kind of a nice visualization for the themes of the film. Michelle Williams as Margot also rides it alone as a woman who struggles between her fidelity for her husband and her passion for a new attractive neighbor. In an effect similar to the Scrabbler shots a lengthy montage of the life of the new affair is shot continuously circling around a wide-open loft apartment. Comedians Seth Rogen as Margot's husband Lou and Sarah Silverman as Lou's sister do well in this more dramatic story although they are each fairly one-dimensional. Luke Kirby as the rustic artist next door is also one-dimensional as the object of desire. Margot's marriage seems really unhealthy the way she babytalks in their most intimate moments or they joke about killing each other. No wonder a new relationship that starts when the couple is not so young and inexperienced is appealing. In the end, this film contains the simple lesson that a relationship based on adventurous sex and not years of common experiences will settle into monotonousness too. At least it is from the female perspective and not the so often repeated story of the man who is stuck between two women.

Melissa B (fr) wrote: Best tv series of ALL TIME....WE MISS IT MAKE UP A SEASON 6

Rickard O (kr) wrote: The beginning was straying far from the book and I was getting really nervous but then it found the core of the book again. Actually very funny on several occasions. The acting is sometimes lousy and sometimes good. The entire movie feels somewhat unprofessionally made. All and all this is worth watching!

Red L (us) wrote: A vague chick-flick. Jessie has a husband and child, a mother with a secret who is cutting off her fingers, a father she thinks she killed and a love affair with a monk. The movie has some failings, but I would watch it again.

Corey B (ru) wrote: The only Chuck Norris movie I ever liked, as a kid when I seen it int he theater, its a bit stupid now though but hey its a early 90s karate movie, nothing like them anymore.

David H (it) wrote: The Zucker brothers do the Marx brothers. Awesome. John Turturro is my hero. I watched it with some friends and one of them, through most of the movie, kept looking at me with this bizzare expression - he couldn't decide if this was the best or worst movie of all time. During the last scene, he started laughing so hard he literally fell out of his chair, and could not stop laughing until the credits were finished rolling.

Chase W (us) wrote: This was the very first motocross film I saw. This made such a huge impression on me as a kid to be a motocross rider, and I still love going back and watching this movie. I'd give anything to be able to ride with all those guys just once.

Bart R (it) wrote: Hillarious! James Garner is great in this flick.

Karsh D (mx) wrote: old gangster comes back to Britain seeking revenge on his brothers killers. enjoyable old style British gangster film

Tom D (kr) wrote: I don't usually have time for country=good, city=bad rhetoric, but this is a well-constructed and entertaining tale of the falsely accused innocent trying to come to terms with the hypocrisy of (un)respectable apartment dwellers.

Ken S (gb) wrote: The original backstage musical, or at least one of the most famous early ones. This is the story of people trying to put on a big musical with a director who has had a recent breakdown and a star who can't go on, leading the way for a chorus girl to be thrust into the lead. It is only decent for the most part, but it is fun to revisit Old Hollywood for the most part, and the elaborate musical number at the end of the film is worth the trip. The success of this and other musicals in 1930 lead to the big Hollywood musical explosion of the 30s that would sustain itself pretty steadily until the 60s, but they don't make 'em like this anymore.

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James M (ag) wrote: America learns the horrible price of Rock Hudson's destiny in this lavishly ravaging, tongue-in-cheek melodrama. Shot like a beautiful bouquet of flowers by Russell Metty, produced by Ross Hunter, and directed by the Sultan of Soap himself, Douglas Sirk, 'Magnificent Obsession' explores questions of fate and faith, coincidence and chance, love and death, and is the grand-daddy of all modern medical drama. Dr. Philips must die so that playboy Bob Merrick may live in this demented wheel-of-fortune. A creepy film.

Frances H (jp) wrote: Good thriller--kept my interest.

Stephen E (ru) wrote: Aside from having a surplus of exposition, "Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins" ultimately suffers from taking itself too seriosuly when it is, in fact, a B movie. That isn't to say that it isn't exciting and, in a way, charming; it just should embrace its silliness with open arms, which director Guy Hamilton seems unwilling to do. There's plenty of adventure and entertainment value and some quite stellar set pieces, and Fred Ward and Joel Grey are substantial in their roles, but "Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins" could have used a smaller budget and a director less inclined to have everything make total sense. Still, it holds up as mindless entertainment quite well.

Dnd H (jp) wrote: Classic! Outstanding performance from Robert DeNiro and Leanardo Dicaprio.

Rick C (ca) wrote: "Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women." Enough said.