C Kkompany

C Kkompany

Akshay Kumar is a crime reporter, Mr. Joshi is a retired accountant trying to deal with his ungrateful son and Lambodar are friends. These three share their respective plight with one another and find solace in each others company. On one occasion, they play a harmless prank to tackle their problems. One thing leads to another, and before they realize, the incident becomes news. But things don’t stop there. They put their new founded fame to good use, and this in turn triggers off a series of incidents, which propel them to such heights that the three become the talk of the nation. Things get beyond their control, and the three are left with no choice but to be mute spectators to their newly acquired fame, especially since no one knows their identity.

Ramakant Joshi, Lambodar Jha and Akshay Kumar are residents in the 'C' block of a Mumbai Apartment complex with monetary issues. They decide to create a fake organization 'C Company' in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan S (jp) wrote: Not a bad remake i really loved it alot

Phillip D (mx) wrote: Funny almost entirely due to the wildly talented cast not so much the writing which is not terribly original if not entirely cliche. Enjoyable.

Claus H (ag) wrote: Colin Nutley loves Sweden as much as he loves his wife, Helena Bergstrm, and he cannot hide it, thank God. This movie is so funny and so lovingly beautiful that it was absolutely no wonder they made a sequel. Character driven comedies are rare, but if you were looking for a textbook sample, here it is

Joy D (de) wrote: Met Julie Dash and saw it at a private screening when it first came out. The movie could only be shot during the day because lights weren't in the budget. But you couldn't tell. I didn't know much about Gullah culture before this movie. Thanks Julie for educating us.

Andrew H (ag) wrote: This movie tops the list of the worst movies I've ever seen!!! It was terrible and never seemed to end.

Michael L (ca) wrote: denys arcand is rapidly becoming one of my favorite underrated directors. this was years before he made the superb barbarian invasions but it is just as lyrical and thought provoking. im not christian but i found this film profoundly spiritual and intelligent; quite possibly one of the most understated and clever religious films ive ever seen. great cast too!

Lisa H (ru) wrote: Awesome movie. Lee Ermy rules. I found it so much better than Full Metal Jacket. (Although the Boot Camp portion of FMJ was great)

KARLA E (ag) wrote: Ok, so I saw Josh was in this. But ouch, me no likey :-/

Nicholas N (gb) wrote: boring,lacks action and hulk looks like garbage

Simon D (nl) wrote: a film of two halves, one half set in Glasgow the other in war-torn Nicaragua. Ken Loach obviously set out to make films that would educate people as well as entertain, which is one of the things I like about his films. I sometimes think that they are a bit too cheap though, his insistance on using real people often means that some of the acting is awkward and amateurish. This film just didn't sit well with me. I thought that the first half was good and seemed to be going somewhere but after they headed off abroad, the rest was just informative and the story died.