C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America

C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America

Through the eyes of a British "documentary", this film takes a satirically humorous, and sometimes frightening, look at the history of an America where the South won the Civil War.

Through the eyes of a british "documentary", this film takes a satirically humorous, and sometimes frightening, look at the history of an America where the South won the Civil War. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America torrent reviews

Will G (br) wrote: Just a waste of time don't bother

Ed B (it) wrote: Very funny sequel. The cast was really good.

lhan (ca) wrote: It could be better. Classic story. There are a curst always. Characters die in the order. And the curst never destroy. It always in there.

Nil N (ru) wrote: Excellent movie and excellent acting by lead actors

Tho C (fr) wrote: It does a great job at showcasing the circle of control in the favelas. Criminals start young and die in their twenties murdered by teens who then take control. For a few years.

Wiebke K (ca) wrote: Glad that it was only two parts -- some of it was quite interesting, but on the whole this vision of afterlife struck me as a not quite thought through mix of Matrix and Lindgren's Brothers Lionheart (Brueder Loewenherz) -- one of my all time favorite children books. The dialogue was mostly painful, and the blue men did not make any music.

Bonnie S (mx) wrote: The only good thing about this movie was Ewan...especially the naked bits.

Ken C (ag) wrote: It seems like everything was done at the last minute, and when they finished shooting they realized how short it was and added in an extra 10 or 20 minute scenes of flashbacks or eroticism. However, the acting was top notch and the scenes where the movie was actually focusing on the plot were quite good and had that nice, sluggish Abel Ferrara charm to them. I say if your a big enough fan of Ferrara's you should at least give it a chance. Everyone else will be bored.

Tero H (mx) wrote: This was a very impressive movie. A story of desperate, obsessive love which takes the young lady to her ruin. I, mostly having watched so-called Hollywood Blockbusters lately, was never once bored or in despair when I watched this movie, unlike I was with many modern Hollywood-films. Were I coerced to say something negative, I might point out that those who have been injected with a large dose of Hollywood in their youth might not understand this movie. Also, daring not to rate the great director but the script, the movie has a few repetitive scenes, for instance the drowning dreams. The movie gets better with second viewing. Adele is played by the beautiful and talented Isabelle Adjani and the movie was directed by the grand old man of french movies, Francois Truffaut. Marvellous acting performances. Adjani must have been very young performing in this movie, so taking that into consideration, her performance is very impressing and clearly the best in this movie. I like movies which take the viewer back to the 19th century, but this is one of the best I have ever seen.

Jennifer B (de) wrote: Oscar win best actress Susan Hayward

Bart A (nl) wrote: It's a bit 'meh'. Biggest issue is probably that if you were born after 1975 you learned more about radioactivity in school then the supposed scientists in this movie seem to know about it, and that really doesn't help with the immersion.It has all the great cinematography you'd expect from a hammer movie though and I loved the fact that the supposed Scots in this actually have the correct accent! :-) Lots of eye for detail, all the characters play their roles pretty well too and manage to avoid becoming to clich (C), with the notable exception of Edward Chapman, who has impressed me with being quite possibly the most painfully clich (C) bureaucrat in movie history I've ever seen.If you're not capable of 'suspension of disbelief' I'd recommend you steer clear of this one. If you like this type of old mystery/horror movie and you can cringe your way through the horribly wrong 'science' it has a few actually melting faces to enjoyable kill a lost afternoon with!

Artur C (au) wrote: Lang goes Hitchcock.

Steve D (nl) wrote: Can not watch this I love Katharine Isabelle and am very sorry to see what her career is reduced to

Timothy S (gb) wrote: Before the "Fast and the Furious" franchise came along and made fancy driving fashionable at the moves again, there was "Black Dog", an exceedingly dumb and cliche-ridden action movie centered around over-the-road truckers. Patrick Swayze has admittedly made more than his fair share of turkeys during his career, but a lot of them like "Roadhouse" have been so enjoyably bad they have achieved cult status. This film is just bad, and it takes itself way too seriously. It's sorely lacking in the whimsical exaggeration that made so many of his earlier cheese-fests such winners, and the direction is clunky. Kevin Hooks got his start directing television episodes, and judging from most of his theatrical features, TV is clearly where he belongs. Granted it doesn't help your action film when all of the chase scenes involve big rigs topping out around 45 miles per hour. The story is a collection of cliches assembled from other films, and I firmly believe that this does not contain one original thought or line of dialogue. Swayze himself is disappointing as well with his Terminator haircut, as he does not appear to be in on the joke. The bad guys are dull and uninteresting as well, with only Meatloaf showing some life here, but he's not very menacing. The picture is not fun at all, yet it's impossible to take him seriously. You have to kind of admire a film that is this brain-dead, but did "Black Dog" really have to be this dull too? It just goes to show you that the Swayze magic for turning the ridiculous into pure cinematic gold does have its limitations.