A young videographer is fascinated with filming a hunky skateboarder.

A young videographer is fascinated with filming a hunky skateboarder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edward B (au) wrote: Dude brah, Osama Bin Laden is a zombie brah. Get some, get some.

Siwakon S (fr) wrote: If the Screenplay is not easy to guess,It can be a really cool horror movie.

Des S (gb) wrote: I thought the story was pretty decent, but some of the acting could have used work.

Ryan S (us) wrote: Honestly this has to be the worst movie I have ever seen. I literaly cannot think of a worse movie I have seen. I hate it when they take somthing that is not that surious in real life and over dramatize it in a movie. Come on "The King of Cali" really, how corney is that? Plus they raced sport bikes on a dirt road at the end of the movie shifting 10 times, thats right they were in 10th gear on a dirt road on 400 plus lbs street bikes with street tires and still manage to stop in 30 feet. Plus the montages are way gay with corney ass rap tracks. I can't belive this movie actually made it to the theaters, I felt like I was watching a cheese dick made for t.v. movie. The only reason to watch this movie would be to actually laugh at how bad it is.

Tom D (ag) wrote: Whimsical journey through Czech history following the accidental career successes of a waiter. A bit like Forrest Gump, only good

Lee M (kr) wrote: Biggest problem is Moody's abrupt transition from sensitive husband to violent tyrant; there is little the gifted actor Alfred Molina can do to clarify psychological issues ignored by the script.

Daniel S (ca) wrote: I've been on a bit of a 80s horror film kick this year, sadly i wasnt a big fan of this one, i dont feel it knew what it wanted to be, sometimes it was being silly tho other times it tried to be serious, i personally prefer the ones that are just real campy and dont try to be realistic, its still watchable, but i had higher expectations, tho its cool seeing dick miller pop up

Scott S (kr) wrote: Tea and Sympathy (1956) -- [6.5] -- Vincente Minnelli sheds a bright light on gender politics in this story of a bullied teenager who finds solace with his housemaster's wife. It is fascinating to watch a film deal with mysogyny and homophobia at a time when these words were barely in our collective vocabulary. It's even more remarkable that this film, made during the height of rigid gender codes, asks the audience to identify with a male protagonist whose sexuality is constantly being questioned or assaulted. While I admire the movie's intentions, many of the scenes come off overwrought or a tad campy. Deborah Kerr does a fine job playing the housemaster's wife and John Kerr (no relation, I hope) does an admirable job as the harrassed boy. Both roles are surprisingly complex and vulnerable for a flick from the '50s. The movie's opening and closing theme music was later reworked by Elvis Presley into the song, "Can't Help Falling in Love."

Graceann M (jp) wrote: Eleanor Parker is always amazing - the only downside to this film is the wooden performance from Glenn Ford.

Chris S (ag) wrote: Why don't they make films like this anymore.

Rich S (mx) wrote: Nice backstage look at three Zielgfeld Girls (Judy Garland, Lana Turner, Hedy Lamarr) and their lives and loves. Good cast, great supporting cast (I love Eve Arden), and good showy musical numbers. I wish it were in color!

Private A (nl) wrote: Good action sequences but that's about it