Cabalgando con la muerte

Cabalgando con la muerte

Wandering gunslinger trains peaceable farmers to defend themselves for an impending range war.

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KJ P (ca) wrote: I used to enjoy watching Jon Cryer in "Two and a Half Men, and Will Sasso is pretty much funny at anything he does, most recently seen in "The Three Stooges" as Curly. Sadly, I do have to say that they are not given enough material to work with here. "Hit By Lightning" has very little laughs, even though the screen presence of Cryer and Sasso together was a nice treat. After meeting the girl of his dreams on a dating site, Ricky realizes she has a husband who would kill her if he found out about them, therefore forcing a murder plan on Ricky towards her husband. The plot is pretty bland, making it a difficult viewing experience, because I still found myself enjoying the cast. By the end of this film, my eyes were sore from all of the eye rolling I had endured, from it's dumb comedy to it's clumsy execution. Although it is a very weak film in my eyes, the crew did work from a string budget, and I highly commend them for getting the cast they did. Overall, it does feel like more of a 20-minute-sitcom premise, but you may find some enjoyment if you like these actors. "Hit By Lightning" is not my cup of tea.

John D (kr) wrote: I might say Josh Hartnett is back.

Jim H (nl) wrote: A shut-in remembers a holiday he had a year ago with his best friend and a beautiful Spanish waitress.I agree with a lot of what Super Reviewer Alice Shen has to say about this film -- the comparison to The Science of Sleep and the fine performances by the three leads. But I found the dramatic elements of the story too slowly developed and the climactic resolution contrived. Also, I didn't like The Science of Sleep finding its quirk distracting from the plot; that's only less true in Bunny and the Bull.Overall, this is a charming, delightful film when it tries not to be the drama it thinks it is.

Nows G (jp) wrote: Really enjoyed it worth a watch

Rj M (kr) wrote: WHoa, a very intelligently made in India film, i had absolutely weird ideas about the film, (fm news, media articles) ie, vulgar, etc, why on earth AB did the film and so on, but, was totally speechless when i watched the film, God, i am glad it was Mr Bachan who did the film, no body else could have done such justice to it! and I was spellbound with Jiah Khan's work, the body language, the way she has done full justice to the character, i dont think, anyone other indian actress could have done that so darn brfilliantly, absolutely amazing, some one so raw, so new, oozing sensualily, fantastic, its such an honest film, i am glad that till the end the protagonist still accepts that he would live with Jiah's memories.., without trying to change it, to justify it to suit the audience's taste, kudos! amazing cinematography, a very bold attempy indeed..

Aaron C (it) wrote: This movie doesn't make a lick of sense. I tried. I really tried to understand this movie. There's a lot of big ideas at work here but even the biggest and most abstract ideas require some sort of foundation. Some structure. Shit, I dunno, some character development. It's all style and no substance. Sure, the mixture of 3-D and 2-D is amazing looking but that's all the praise I can offer this run of the mill anime flick. Only for the people carrying around Death Note messenger bags.

Robby G (ru) wrote: Very unique movie. Had a good concept, Viking sci-fi action thriller, don't get more unique than that. Had an interesting plot, with a few decent performances. Thought some of the action sequences were played out well, It was somewhat predictable, not leaving you to think much, and even though the plot had an interesting concept to it, they could have done so much more to make this movie great. Still a fun movie to watch with plenty of action.

Jake M (ca) wrote: Meadows' understanding of everyday life portrayal is unparalleled. His partial use of improvisation induce a strong realism and hilarity into every scene. Seemingly with ease, he blends this with serious, and sometimes sinister, undertones which possess the same authenticity. The result is an unpretentious, honest and poignant film.

Raymond J (us) wrote: A zany,funny madcap feature with the delicious Carrie Fisher,again scantily clad, an all star cast and legandary smart ass Chevy Chase.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: Directed by Greek director Michael Cacoyannis (Stella (1955) and The Trojan Women (1971)) and adapted from the 1946 novel by Nikos Kazantzakis, this is a drama with two great performances, but now, the film is a bit dated and overlong as well, as was the case of many films like this then, but it does have good moments in it, but it does drag. It begins when Anglo-Greek writer Basil (Alan Bates) being sent to Greece on family business. His family were Greek, but he was raised in England, and has become stuffy and uptight. However, on a boat to Crete, he meets Alexis Zorba (Anthony Quinn), a gruff yet charismatic musician, and even though Zorba's behaviour appalls Basil at first, he soon falls for Zorba's charm. Basil is off to Crete as his father owned some land there, and on the land is a old lignite mine, which Basil plans to reopen, but it's too unsafe, but Zorba has the brilliant idea of using the timbers from inside the mine to haul wood down from the forest to the sea. Basil agrees, and they get the whole island behind them on the idea, meanwhile Zorba falls for Madame Hortense (Lila Kedrova), who runs the local hotel. It does build up to a climax like the sort of thing Werner Herzog does, but it takes it's sweet time in getting there. It does have good moments too, as well as a few good performances, but they're all few and far between in this film. As stated, it's too long, and it could have benefited from being half an hour shorter.

Fong K (it) wrote: Sizzling with the fury of many a fierce performance, this adaptation of David Mamet's Pulitzer Prize-winning play is an actor's dream assignment, howbeit its exclusive theatrical salesmenspeak.

Eugene B (nl) wrote: Lone Survivor's pulse-pounding combat and emotional grips make for a dramatic portrayal of brothers in arms. Mark Wahlberg and the rest of his comrades, along with a striking direction from Peter Berg, do a just treatment that compliment the courageous individuals in uniform and those who contributed in their fight for survival. 4.5/5

Dan C (fr) wrote: These things don't age well. It's boobs and blood and bad dialogue in an Evil Dead derived set up. It's got some good gore here and there but in the end I guess I just don't find 80s cheese charming.