Cabin Boy

Cabin Boy

A foul-mouthed finishing school graduate mistakenly winds up on an ill-fated fishing boat, and faces the wrath of a crew that considers him bad luck.

A foul-mouthed finishing school graduate mistakenly winds up on an ill-fated fishing boat, and faces the wrath of a crew that considers him bad luck. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Megan J (au) wrote: Another "based on real life" movie... my favorite genre! Encouraging flix on a doctor's journey in the 90's to find a cure for breast cancer... good lazy Saturday afternoon recommendation!

Greg D (ca) wrote: Extremely well done con film that makes you feel as if you've been conned (just like the protagonist) when all is said and done.

Anthony E (au) wrote: looks like a good movie

First L (ru) wrote: Silly, weak and dated. Kathleen Turner also bugs me. This is like a very lite version of "True Lies", which is much better. Tom Arnold should have been in this more. Oh, the Stanley Tucci character is extremely annoying, as is most of the film.

Nalle M (us) wrote: Fundamental questions like "what?" and "why?" come to mind when watching this. A cinematic experience of the most unique kind.

Konrad S (au) wrote: Great sci-fi thriller by Mario Bava produced by American International Pictures! This amazing flick about body snatchers from outer space is probably one the creepiest moviest of that time!

Alec B (fr) wrote: The plot is sometimes silly, but still effective and Wyman's performance has just the right amount of quiet melancholy . . . but the best reason to see the film is for it's visuals. Even if you aren't paying attention to the dialogue, the imagery will command your attention. Sirk seems to be telling a parallel story through the brightly colored cinematography (which always seems to hint at the character's hidden passions) and various items the characters own or exchange with one another. None of this is exactly subtle, although most people seemed to miss it in the 50s, but that's not the point. These touches make what could have been a second rate melodrama into a beautiful film.

Ian B (ca) wrote: It's been an extremely long time since a horror movie was able to get under my skin. This one did...big time. I'd not only call this one of the best horror films of the year, but one of the best in the last 20 years. It Follows successfully avoids everything that's been killing the genre. There's no box-office friendly PG-13 rating, it's not a remake, there's no excessive gore or torture, and no stupid found footage gimmick. This is classic suspense in the vein of Halloween, Don't Look Now and Rear Window. This is a horror movie that takes a uniquely simple premise and gets every bit of mileage out of it. This movie doesn't use cheap jump scares, it focuses on common psychological fears and paranoia. The direction is amazing, the cinematography is gorgeous, the acting is superb, and the retro 80s synth score is extremely unnerving. Is this every horror fans dream come true? No. Because this movie is different, and not everyone likes movies that are different. Some people just want the same old, same old. Is this a perfect horror film? No. There are some gaps in logic, especially in the third act. But none of it ever bothered me because this movie creeped me out and stayed with me days after I'd seen it. And I honestly can't remember the last time a horror film had that effect on me. If you're looking for gore and random loud noises, this isn't for you. This is classic 70s/80s inspired horror and gets my highest recommendation.