Caçada Sangrenta

Caçada Sangrenta


A sculptor, protected by a millionaire woman, becomes suspect of her murder. He flees to the country, where a violent pursuit takes place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J L (au) wrote: I seen this twice. Hard to watch, but a must see. The reality of what happens in the ghetto is shown in this movie. Too real, too evil and the actors need to pat themselves on the back as well as it's script writer. Hard working people try to survive these neighborhoods day by day. Take a glimpse of this, but beware. It is not intended for children.

Lee M (ag) wrote: A sad, complicated, and challenging little independent film that will probably not resonate with many viewers -- but for those it does reach, it will pack a wallop.

Evgenia F (gb) wrote: Despite the lame attempts of Oliver Stone to make Fidel look like a dictator he comes out as a man who stands by his beliefs... The four stars are all his!

Charlie W (fr) wrote: Quite A Entertaining Film To Be Honest

Michael T (br) wrote: Disturbing visual images but what's it all about???

Harpreet S (gb) wrote: There is not much to rant or rave about Kenji Mizoguchi's "Street of Shame." The last film of a master filmmaker tells the tales of prostitutes living in a Japanese brothel. Machiko Kyo, who starred in the masterpiece "Ugetsu," and in Akira Kurosawa's "Rashomon" is an entirely different person in this one; very vibrant! There were about two or three sequences that really impressed me. I think this film is too constricted; it almost entirely supports the prostitutes and does not present any real obstacles or at least fails to really delve the viewer into the lives of these unfortunate women. I could even argue that it doesn't provide genuine reasons for these women to have no other alternative except prostitution. "Street of Shame" is much more polished than Mizoguchi's "The Life of Oharu," however it lacks a great character and it doesn't have much emotional power, therefore "The Life of Oharu" is better. In no way, do both films come close to "Ugetsu," or "Shansho the Bailiff." It is fine film to watch once for Mizoguchi, the somewhat interesting stories of the women, and for the poignancy of the concluding minutes.

James L (es) wrote: Charming film with a lot of depth and pretty sharp acting...Natalie Portman's character is so adorable , she will win you over after her first five minutes on screen ! 3 Stars

Jacob J (it) wrote: The BFG is a delightful animated film with an interesting story and catchy songs.

Brandon S (fr) wrote: You know exactly where the movie's headed right from the get-go, but it transcends those clich (C)s and winds up succeeding as an entertaining little horror flick.Bobby Roe establishes a clear tone and progression for the film, which isn't always easy to do and still be entertaining in a found footage film. Once you've established characters' reason for filming in a found footage story, if it isn't believable, you've lost your audience. This is the biggest hurdle for a director in a found footage story. Not only to establish a good reason for filming, but also a strong cast that can sell that reason to an audience. This is the movie's biggest strength in my eyes.Right away we don't know much about the characters, but we're rooting for them, because we begin to feel a comradery with them via the chemistry with each other, and the goal of found footage is to create a sense of realism and put the viewer right there with the subjects. Not for a moment did I feel taken out of the film, which was sold in part by the actual interviews with real spook house patrons spliced in throughout the film that provide an authentic and scary segway into the next chapter of the story.