A man, who takes his insecure, overweight paramour to a seaside resort to consummate the relationship, stumbles onto an artistic discovery that changes his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cachimba torrent reviews

John H (it) wrote: without englund the film is bad

Adgee H (de) wrote: I want to say that this movie was horrible, but I can't quite go that far. Mostly I think it was just uninteresting. The beginning featured far too much plot and dialogue, and I often found my interest wandering to other things. By the time the action started I was already bored, and the virus-zombies really weren't anything new or shocking compared to all the other recent zombie-type movies. I have no desire to watch this movie again: the plot was boring, the acting was mediocre, and the monsters were cliche. Nothing new here folks.

Mohammed A (de) wrote: With exception of the first 100 and something minutes of cheesiness that most Bollywood movies are known for, it is an engaging experience of a movie. Its an old story done well. additionally, some classic and catchy musical numbers

Wiedma P (de) wrote: I never thought anything would top Two Hands for me. And this little flick is absolutely on par! It gets better with each viewing. It's really difficult not to like the characters. Stunning photography and phenomenal soundtrack - how can one not love it! :-)

Bengt W (br) wrote: Brjar spa-aktigt men hjer insatserna nr bten kommer ut p ppet hav. Sista timmen r en social nagelbitare med mnga fina karaktrsstudier.

Damien R (ca) wrote: shame, it has a good likable cast but it wasn't that great

Jayaseti P (fr) wrote: Television can change your mind, Videodrome will change your body.Death to Videodrome. Long live the new flesh!