Cadaveri eccellenti

Cadaveri eccellenti

A detective (inspector Rogas) is assigned to investigate the mysterious murders of some Supreme Court judges. During the investigation he discovers a complot that involves the Italian ...

A detective (inspector Rogas) is assigned to investigate the mysterious murders of some Supreme Court judges. During the investigation he discovers a complot that involves the Italian ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam F (ag) wrote: This is the best rock documentary there is. No other doc will show a bands journey as thoroughly as this one. And Rush is the best!!

Jon J (de) wrote: Very good movie. Nice plot twist!

Jordan L (nl) wrote: Most realistic movie!

Julio S (au) wrote: This one was alright... I just think that all these films are just not good.

Tammy R (br) wrote: This movie was beautiful too look at in so many ways. I'm catching up on movies I was either too young too watch or not born yet! The plot was too thick in spots and Maybe it doesn't deserve the 4 stars but I'm giving it anyways.

Al M (mx) wrote: Not a bad little late 80s horror film. Moody, gory, somewhat original, and fun...

Josephine D (ru) wrote: Une vraie fan de ces deux l !

Lilli B (us) wrote: Just a bunch of actors with no script improvising their way through woody's direction. No vocal abilities demonstrated. Goldie yawn in flying rigging? Really???

David G (mx) wrote: It's ludicrous, insane and yet brilliant with Woo's direction and wall to wall action and the performances from Cage and Travolta.

Scott R (it) wrote: When I first saw "Fantastic Four," I remember specifically thinking that it was the worst movie I had ever seen, at least if you exclude my Niece's Barney videos. Ten years and a failed reboot later, it still is. There are certainly films that have fallen farther; movies that squandered a great idea or a great source, pictures whose unrealized potential haunts my dreams far more than this piece of drivel possibly could. But none of them aspired to so little and still managed to deliver so badly. I am deeply worried that the 45% audience rating and tanking of the remake just might direct an unsuspecting comic fan to this suckfest of a movie, and so it is with a pained heart that I remember, and I write.In the days before Christopher Nolan took over Batman and "Marvel Cinematic Universe" was a thing that was said, comic/superhero movies had a playbook so simple that even the romcom playbook was jealous.It starts with a hero that is either interesting or charismatic and can express two or more emotions, although the cooler his or her power is, the less their personal character matters. The leader of the F4 is Reed Richards, a science nerd. His power is that he's elastic, and yet he's played by a pine board with a quizzical face drawn on it, or as IMDb calls it, "Ioan Gruffudd." Jessica Alba plays Sue Storm, and manages sometimes to correctly emote frustration that people thinks she'd look good naked if she wasn't so invisible. Michael Chiklis turns into the Thing, a rock-man that is sad that it's a rock; while Chris Evans does all that is asked of him, which is to look like an athletic, pretty teenager and act like he is a teenager who knows he's athletic and pretty. In fact, the only talented acting, the only character with any depth and any pathos, is done by The Thing during a seven minute tangent. And when I say it's done by The Thing, I mean the CGI animation, not Michael Chiklis (a talented actor with little do to here). Grade: D.The second part of the playbook, in an origin movie, is showing how the heroes got their powers, and how they are transformed. In F4, four people who already qualify to be astronauts fail to raise their shields too quickly and are hit with star dust. Their response is not inner turmoil, ensuring their secret identities, or really trying to reverse the process. They skip ahead pretty quickly to posing for magazine covers. Grade: F.The final part of the playbook is the development of an archenemy to our hero, who has a need for something the hero is an obstacle to, so that they can oppose each other in a massive final fight se quence. The villain here, Viktor von Doom, is BFFs with the astronaut team, doesn't go to space, and then somehow...kinda gets jealous and turns himself to metal for no particular reason so he can dominate the world??? Even the Transformer movies had a nominal MacGuffin. Even The Green Lantern had a more colorable villain story. Grade: FU, audience.There's something fundamentally problematic in splitting your hero cache between four uninteresting people with but one interesting power between them. Fantastic Four is the second of three awful movies to bear that name, and hopefully Marvel Studios will consign the franchise to the dustbin of history where it belongs. This particular iteration, however, is noteworthy for the studio's utter lack of interest in casting talented, film-experienced leads or requiring them to have character traits for such a big-budget production, for how infuriating the weak action and nonsensical plot was, and for how, in spite of the infuriation, the whole film just creates an underwhelming sense of blah. Some awful films are at least noteworthy or interesting for the way that they are awful; some even develop a cult following or get picked up in film school. Fantastic Four is not any of these things. It is merely a stain on human creativity, one which should not be viewed by anyone, ever.

Eric T (gb) wrote: While it isn't the BEST Adam Sandler film, it definitely accomplishes what can be expected. The acting is great, the 3D is brilliantly used well, the animation is PHENOMENAL, and cements itself as one of the best CG animated films I've seen! Genndy Tartakovsky has yet again delivered something that is just brilliantly well done!

Ernst M (gb) wrote: Another movie that has a fairly flat script that is only saved by the quality of acting by Jackson and Harris.