At an exclusive country club, an ambitious young caddy, Danny Noonan, eagerly pursues a caddy scholarship in hopes of attending college and, in turn, avoiding a job at the lumber yard. In order to succeed, he must first win the favour of the elitist Judge Smails, and then the caddy golf tournament which Smails sponsors.

Daniel Noonan is one of many children of a Roman family. Danny always dreams of attending college in Nebraska, but his parents could not meet the financial. And his score also could not help him get a scholarship from the school. Finally, because of his ambitious, this young man must work in the club called Bushwood Country to earn money to pay tuition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason S (ca) wrote: The missing of Jason Segal in this film killed it, while I like the stars they had in it it completely missed that family feel that Jason captured...

Jason S (br) wrote: A fun first half and a downer second half make this an unequal mess.

jay n (it) wrote: Most of the acting is atrocious and the special effects are bargain basement but if you enjoy either disaster flicks or thrillers it's okay.

John B (ag) wrote: There is a particular bent in documentaries lately to take the oddest people in society and make them think that they are being filmed for a serious purpose when in actuality, you are filming them to be mocked by broader society. In this case we get our laughs in at the moronic Borchardt and later feel equally annoyed and wanting some pity to a person who will clearly never make it.

Alan S (mx) wrote: Modern Sci-Fi Classic

Stacy K (kr) wrote: saw it long time ago..

Gwen H (jp) wrote: A confusing movie if you are not familiar with the events that surround this story. It is a great portrayal of politics and the abuses of those in power. Sad that things haven't changed much since the late 18th century!

Paige M (ru) wrote: Much more than meets the eye. The ending is cause for pause and conversation.

Rebecca W (us) wrote: Love this movie, sometimes Flixster has some good picks!! #70's #valleyofthedolls

Veronique K (mx) wrote: the first flick done upon the notorious legend of jesse james, and colors are saturated pleasantly in technicolor which really emphasizes on tyrone power's gorgeous face as well as the young henry fonda. but power's jesse james is never convincingly masculine as a ruthless crime boss who is fueled intensely by the avengeful drive. his jesse james is more like a suavely polished gentleman who is compelled to revolutionalize against the unjust capitalist of railroad. perhaps henry fonda would be more appropriate as jesse james with his southerner idiosyncracy. the later half of jesse james growing susceptibly cranky with appetite for violence particularly flops. there's no robbery scene actually shot but a remorseful james mourns for the lost trace of his newborn son. there's no rawness or urgent desperation in power as an outlaw. the film only shows the first crime the gang does by politely asking purses from the train passengers and their disastrous last bank-robbery which is not ballistically depicted. also the romance of jesse james takes the majority of the whole movie as the central wheel that is not well-strategied. it's strongly romanticized but does the audience feel moved by this affair? certainly not, it's more like trivial event of a genteel commoner who still deems conventional virtues. as a matter of fact, tyrone power impersonates his jesse james in the exact manners as he does in his constumed swashbuckler flicks. audience who goes for jesse james are men with penchant for the outrage of crude manhood, a sort of populist idolization in the field of male icon, and they certainly feel enviously reluctant to watch an aristocratic tyrone power de-masculinizes jesse james with his distinguisged male beauty which outshines them. maybe the sequel "the revenge of frank james" directed by fritz lang has more prospect to look forward. and the only stirring sensation "jesse james" could have caused would probably be the pioneering alert of animal protection in cinema history since the production of this flick accidentally costed a life of one horse which seems even more consequential than "jesse james" itself.

Steve G (fr) wrote: There's a crookedness about this movie. Rathbone went evil too quickly and without reason enough. That adversely affects the drama of the story. Would have been nice to see more of a plotted vengeance on Ygor's part. Rathbone's performance is good, but the dialogue is unnecessarily over-dramatic at times. Otherwise, better than Bride. The ending was legit scary. It was a nice way to tie it up.

John B (br) wrote: From beyond the grave, Brando talks about his life as we witness his film and life achievements and troubles. Well put together.