As punishment for drunken, rebellious behavior, a young white soldier is thrown into a stockade populated entirely by black inmates. But instead of falling victim to racial hatred, the soldier joins forces with his fellow prisoners and rises up against the insanely tyrannical and bigoted prison warden.

The movie tells a powerful story of a rebellious inmate in an Army stockade who discovers the value of friendship in the face of a dangerous enemy. Bean joins forces with his fellow inmates and rises up against the bigoted prison warden, MSgt. Otis McKinney. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve L (jp) wrote: Powerful performances. A real sense of how shared emotion, desperation & loss can bridge the divisions of prejudice.

Brendan A (es) wrote: Routine serial killer movie, which in spite of its title, isn't really that nasty. A small-town sheriff's deputy Zoe Adams (Sarah Thompson) investigates a series of local murders and soon realises they're linked. However, the sheriff (Jeffery Combs- who's wasted in his role here), with whom she's having an affair wants details of the murders covered up since it'll ruin his chances of running for mayor in the upcoming electoral campaign. Unhappy at this, Zoe turns to autistic bloodhound trainer Leroy (Michael Berryman in an excellent peformance) to open her own unauthorised investigation. Unfortunately the killer manages to stay one step ahead of them and Zoe's life is placed in danger, and Leroy must overcome his own phobias to save her. The movie is predictable and doesn't cover any new ground,and the "twist" is so lazily plotted a five year old could have come up with it but it's still watchable enough for genre fans.

Joshua A (gb) wrote: a fun movie based on montreal hipsters and the shenanigans that they get into. very self effacing and tounge in cheek; totally a good time. watch it with someone in really tight pants.

William R (jp) wrote: interesting and thoughtful for adults only

Liam H (ag) wrote: An absolutley rattling shocker directed by John Frankenheimer which deals with the ever-relatable topic of rebirth but in the manner of social science-fiction. Arthur Hamilton (played by John Randolph) is a man who's life he finds totally unfulfilling despite having a wife, a job and the money. He turns to a company who specialize in creating new lives for wealthy people who want to 'start again', so to speak. Hamilton is transformed via surgery into Tony Wilson (Rock Hudson) and what follows begins pleasantly enough but then the nightmare of irreversible damage and overwhelming paranoia ensues. Released in 1966, Seconds still posesses an impact to affect audiences of nearly five decades down the line because of the simple but timeless motif it addresses - "What if we could be somebody else?" This film gives ways and means to such possibilities with frightening realism. The sense of paranoia and looming dread are punctuated by James Wong Howe's stylistically intimate photography which utilizes fish-eye lenses to somewhat stretch the visuals and heighten the surrealism. Also the opening credits created by Saul Bass set the uneven tone perfectly by displaying demented visuals of facial features to an almost hallucinogenic end result. The second act of the film does in some measures appear to break the pacing, but considering the narrative of changing identities it is justified and still feels part of the whole. Even so, the final act in Seconds delivers more of the creeping terror and instability to keep one hooked right up until it's sledgehammer conclusion. Seconds is a pitch black horror that will remain an eternal piece of cult cinema just as it will in the mind long after viewing.

Jonathan L (au) wrote: It sags when it discusses philosophy that is mundane to modern audiences, but Agora is a critical and very well shot drama with great set pieces, costumes, and acting.

Jose Luis M (de) wrote: .Entretenida a pesar de todo.

Nicki M (ru) wrote: Really wasn't expecting much, but this was a lovely movie. Cast are all excellent and it had several stories running at once, all of which I enjoyed. The character with alopecia was something different and very nicely written.

Vincent B (nl) wrote: Des meurtres un poil trop soft...mais entre des personnages compltement barges, de la sexualit dbride et trs ambigu faon Giallo et un serial killer qui se fait appel "l'excuteur de vierges"... c'est juste terriblement fun.