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Cadet Rousselle

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Seonaid M (br) wrote: Classic 70's feel to this dull storyline

Ben M (gb) wrote: Aa a fan of the series and FFVII fanatic, an absolutely epic film. A must see!

keia a (kr) wrote: i know its weird but i love winnie the pooh

Simon D (es) wrote: This gets a higher rating than it deserves because I remember watching it in the eighties, when it wasn't so dated and, at the time, it was fresh, original, and a bit messed up. Watching it now is a bit painful but if you were lucky enough to have fond memories of it you'll know what I mean.

jon m (ca) wrote: Had no plot. All it had was people just doing whatever they did. Ending was useless also. No wonder it took me this long to finally watch this stupid flick,

sara g (nl) wrote: Amazing movie was amazing to see prince in theaters

Kari K (ag) wrote: The title says it all! It is Thrashin' !!! A sort of skate punk Romeo & Juliet