When tragedy strikes the community surrounding a cafe in West Philadelphia, the cafe's regulars come to realize how intertwined their lives truly are.

When tragedy strikes the community surrounding a cafe in West Philadelphia, the cafe's regulars come to realize how intertwined their lives truly are. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saoirse M (us) wrote: Songs weren't that great but I loved their chemistry and thought the writing was very cute and romantic without being overly cheesy. Also it was a very modern Bollywood story which I haven't really seen.

Aaron O (gb) wrote: Saskia Rosendahl gives an impressive performance in this disturbing, but compelling coming of age drama. The film is directed with confidence and boasts stunning cinematography. The soundtrack is fantastic, adding to the already incredible atmosphere that surrounds the film. I also really liked how the film doesn't spoon feed you, but isn't incredibly cryptic and only requires a little thought to figure out what was going on with the main character, Lore. Overall I really liked this, and would definitely recommend it.

Kim B (es) wrote: I found it largely boring, overrated, and not to mention a poor form of so called "political justice." What those con artists and power hungry fbi agent did to Carmine and those other politicians was down right dirty. Tactics like that by the fbi shouldnt be allowed imo. Also, i thought the performances werent that great for normally good actors. It felt like a long film to me. The best part was the 70s costumes and decor, which isnt saying much.

Joffrey H (it) wrote: It had an aggressive start which isn't my preference but became happier to a nice ending. Pay attention to the script to pick up quite a bit of humor.

Sharon R (gb) wrote: Fantastic movie, even though I didn't understand all of it. They spoke very fast. And didn't understand what the two old ladies were green. None the less I really liked it.

Ata A (de) wrote: Amitabh bachchan's strong performance stays on even after the film ends

Urvi N (kr) wrote: Charming and real - it is a cheesy romantic comedy with an unconventional twist as both Chinese mother and daughter deal with social taboos and acknowledging their own desires. An older woman's pregnancy and her daughter's coming out and learning how to show affection to her new girlfriend make this a film that resonates well with both older and younger audiences. It was also lovely to see a happy ending for a lesbian as such films are so rare.

Kaitlin B (ca) wrote: The Girl from Paris is a charming, relaxing, and touching movie. It focuses around two main characters, Sandrine and Adrien. It is an intriguing film because both characters are passionate people. Adrien is passionate about his farm and the history of his farm, and making sure that Sandrine is going to represent his farm well. Sandrine is passionate about her love for farming and pursuing that love. It is a beautiful film because of the relationship that Sandrine and Adrien begin to form and also just the setting of the film (the beautiful French mountainside). The pace of the movie was nice. It was a slower movie, but I think that added to the feeling of the film. It put you in a relaxed state and gave you an appropriate view of farming. I did not like the gruesome aspects that they showed in the film. Yes, farming does involve these things, and is not an easy profession, but I was still taken back by some of the images. There are a few interesting ideas in the film. I like the story itself; the idea of a young woman realizing that she doesn?t enjoy her job and wants to go after the one thing that she has always wanted to do, despite what people might think. However, with decisions, often times comes doubt as well. Sandrine does get to the point in the film where she wonders if she made the right decision, and I am happy that the director included this. It gave a real aspect to the movie, instead of a good ?cookie-cutter?, always happy movie.

Anthony H (es) wrote: Just ordered it! Should have it between tomorrow and Friday!

Jon N (nl) wrote: A lot of fuss about nothing, now a modern day remake set in a inner city environment would work well, as the story idea for this film is unique.