Café de Chinitas

Café de Chinitas


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Café de Chinitas 1960 full movies, Café de Chinitas torrents movie

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Café de Chinitas torrent reviews

Michael G (fr) wrote: Car chases typically fill me with a sense of dread for our hero, unless they are in a monotonously-boring film. This film feels overly-long at its relatively short runtime of 90 minutes, and the ever-swearing unnamed Selena Gomez character doesn't help much. The lone bit of charisma in this movie comes from Hawke, but there's not much room to exercise said charisma in just a cool car. Jon Voight, the primary antagonist, puts on his best Bond villain accent, but without much of a face to be afraid of, you can't really feel any dread after the inevitable shout of "Answer!" from Hawke. Even the film's title is problematic - the misnomer of "Getaway" doesn't apply to anything in the film - this movie actually centres on Voight kidnapping Hawke's wife and then the former promising to release the latter if Hawke completes a set of missions, of which ring the bell to a tune of "smash everything" or "evade the cops". It's a live-action video game, and it's not Gran Turismo.

Kevin G (au) wrote: A horrible script that is full of every single action movie cliche ever made combined with humor that is just overused, ends up ruining what could have been a fun experience. At least the action scenes were entertaining.Wow, where do I begin with this one. I guess I'll go ahead and just start with that really awful excuse for a script. After the first few lines of the beginning of the movie were said, I knew we were in trouble and it sadly doesn't get any better. Everything about this story and plot and how it's all told is just so mediocre and I seriously got bored of it all. Since I love action movies, this I feel is really saying something. This area disappoints big time and it's very easy to see how ridiculous it all is.OK, so it's an action comedy. I was expecting humor. But the overuse of the same jokes and jokes that are just lame don't make this experience any better. Now to be fair there are some parts of this film that did make me crack a smile, but that was it. The humor was a big letdown overall for me.The only somewhat saving grace this movie has is the action scenes. I was mildly entertained by Tom Cruise getting the job done in this area. His experience from the Mission Impossible movies shows here. The humor that is thrown in along with these scenes fit in pretty well. This I feel may have been the only driving force to keep me interested in this film. The action is filmed OK for the most part. It's better then how the action in the A-Team movie was filmed in my opinion.One of my friends mentioned to me that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were just too old to play these roles in this film. Although I feel I don't completely agree with Tom Cruise as I felt he did OK in this movie, I do have to agree that the casting of Cameron Diaz in this role was a bad choice. I'm sorry but she just failed to win me over here. At times she was just downright annoying with her unbelievable shrieks and noises. Someone younger then her should have taken her place easily. At least it could have made the horrible script easier to sit through.This movie is strongly a rental. Nothing more. Crank up the volume on the action scenes because that is the only enjoyment you will get here.

MarcAndr B (kr) wrote: Concept int (C)ressant, mais une fin abrupte et d (C)cevante.

Lee O (jp) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed it. Reminded me of Before Sunrise. Two people meet and talk and spend new years day and night together. Good dialogue, funny.

Camille M (gb) wrote: the guy is sooo cute!!! heee heee

Jarryd R (ru) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Lindsey W (it) wrote: One of my favorites.

Lee M (ca) wrote: Presumably made to please Australian kiddies during matinee hours, BMX Bandits has grown to become a considerable cult hit in a few film geek circles, made famous for its attention to hot wheels and for employing Nicole Kidman at her fuzziest, here in her very first feature film role.

Karen B (ru) wrote: Slow moving, but moving just the same. A good film.

Ottokar S (mx) wrote: great mainstream-movie; the cops are even worth then the gangsters.

Wade P (de) wrote: Not too bad; not sure why it made the 1,001 must-see movie list.

Edward B (kr) wrote: Yeah it's stupid, and that's why I liked it. Any movie where actor Jurgen Prochnow tells a Das Boot in-joke is alright by me. The title of this film alone tells you exactly the kind of film it's going to be. Beerfest will be about a team of ordinary people practicing and preparing for the ultimate drinking competition. Audiences will be subjected to lots of drinking and lots of games. Some may prefer to be actually doing these things instead of watching characters do them, but Beerfest has a lot of fun with its concept. Anyone who has ever had a crazy binge story can relate to this ridiculously over the top yet hilariously charming film.Also keep in mind that this was written by Broken Lizard, the team responsible for Super Troopers and Club Dread. Both of those previous movies were incredibly dumb but someone help you if you didn't find them funny. Beerfest is right in the same league.

Jay B (de) wrote: Moody enough to a get a slight recommend. I love the creatures and I love the atmosphere... the premise, however, is uninspired and the ending is predictable.