Café Express

Café Express

An Italian laborer (Nino Manfredi) foils anyone who tries to stop him from selling espresso on the Milan-to-Naples train.

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Vanessa M (mx) wrote: Love watching damn good musicians create such fine music!

Dave M (nl) wrote: Funny in places but very predicable #watchable

tienne R (ru) wrote: Film bizarre mes bien fais

Luca B (ag) wrote: Non malaccio peccato che finisca in una zombata, sottogenere della fantascienza che non amo.

Chris M (mx) wrote: POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS: Nothing To See Here

Sonya D (kr) wrote: This was a really great film. I really liked it!!! Luke Goss was great at acting then singing.

Matt S (mx) wrote: What starts off as a smart, charming, and sometimes sexy film, turns into a dull, one-trick-pony before the closing credits.

jesse k (jp) wrote: Good clean fun for the whole family.

ramis v (it) wrote: stephen chow is stephen chow and he's the master of comedy action film in china

G S (ag) wrote: The perfect last film for Kurosawa to make in my mind. The professor never seems to shrink away from living his life despite his age and not really having any solid goals to fulfill in retirement. The main character is absolutely endearing because he never runs out of funny things to say and is amiably eccentric. The film suffers from being a bit overlong, a little too much group singing to transition to different points, and is somewhat sentimentalized at points. These faults that would've made another directors film unbearable are but mere blemishes on this film. The 60th birthday party for the professor is a terrific and fun sequence which shows such great camaraderie between all the students and the professor. The missing cat subplot was hard to get into because it was difficult to relate to the importance of the cat despite the film's attempts to explain the significance of the cat to the professor. The film did succeed in showing that the professor was indeed deeply invested in the cat emotionally. This film is great because it illustrated for me the pleasure in friendship and the importance of allowing yourself to enjoy life without trying to force anything.

Greg W (kr) wrote: high tension WWII submarine movie post WWII

Connor G (nl) wrote: While both of the leads managed to be slimy and unsettling, it didn't feel like too much monumental happened over the course, and only the music really kept it going.

Chris B (gb) wrote: I have literally no idea what the film-makers were thinking when they made this. It looks like a horrible straight to TV knockoff half the time with the CGI looking awful. Both villains aren't memorable and caricatures of what a Bond Villain is supposed to be. The closest of the Bond films to an Austin Powers film.

Conrad T (ru) wrote: If you want to have a sarcastic laugh to American politics.

The Movie G (ca) wrote: Waste of anyone time