Cage II

Cage II

After being tricked into thinking his best friend, and caretaker is dead, Vietnam Vet, and mentally disabled person has no other choice but to enter The Arena Of Death!

After being tricked into thinking his best friend, and caretaker is dead, Vietnam Vet, and mentally disabled person has no other choice but to enter The Arena Of Death! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony P (ru) wrote: Low budget movie with a limited release that charts the boom in popularity of black American soul music in Northern England in the mid 1970s. A weak story of two poor friends who become immersed in the scene and help it spread from a dim youth club in a fictional North West town to Wigan Casino. A strong supporting cast includes Lisa Stansfield, Ricky Tomlinson, John Thomson and Steve Coogan in full Alan Partridge mode as a careers school teacher. They do have very small roles however and the film features some great music that even today has a cult following. A look at the end credits revealed that the entire Coogan (Steve) family were cast! His production company Baby Cow is involved.The 1970s time looks very authentic. Grimey and quite depressing at times.The music most definitely isn't though and gives the film energy. Illegal amphetamine use has a role in the story but don't let that detract from the music.

Jared F (fr) wrote: very compelling. very interesting. worth watching.

Cindy C (nl) wrote: A slice of Parisian life...just enought to satisfy the yearning for Paris!

Juan Jos G (fr) wrote: Wow... muy buena biografia... y en ciertas partes me identifique con el personaje

Greg W (us) wrote: gr8 re-creation of actual events in NASA's apollo program

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Justin W (de) wrote: it's an alright little time travel movie about going into the future and seeing bad stuff and fighting and not being as cool as you'd like it to be. it's not's not's just kinda there.