Caged Fear

Caged Fear

After a jewelry theft Tommy Lane can hardly free. His girlfriend Kristen has less luck and is arrested. She's sentenced to jail in an ill-reputed female prison in Oklahoma. Tommy doesn't let her down; he manages to get into the prison - on the other side of the bars - to force the ruthless director to let her go.

After a jewelry theft Tommy Lane can hardly free. His girlfriend Kristen has less luck and is arrested. She's sentenced to jail in an ill-reputed female prison in Oklahoma. Tommy doesn't ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny L (fr) wrote: Very subtle humor. A little dark and a little boring.

Steve H (us) wrote: WOW. when i saw this movie at the store, i was like "great, another 're-make' that'll be really sucky, but i decided to rent it anyways. Boy was i glad too. Angie Harmon does a great acting job in the psycho thriller. this is a troubling movie worth watching!!

Heather B (it) wrote: Emotionally brutal. Clive Owen is ruthless. I felt sorry for Jude & Natalie's characters. Pitied Julia's.

Alchemy O (kr) wrote: A beautiful, dreamy movie about growing up.

Andrea D (ru) wrote: Low budget and somewhat amateur acting, but I thought it was pretty good, all things told.

Letitia L (gb) wrote: Generally awful movie, but 2 saviours: the dance scene and Jason Biggs are incredible. Predictably laughable to see Freddie Prinze Jr's transformation to hottie, and Claire Forlani is HAWT. She's a prettier version of Angelina Jolie. Also funny that they try to fool us that you can go up to the GGB in a sleeveless shirt. Ha! You think I moved to San Francisco yesterday?

Jason K (jp) wrote: Heavy stuff... But it is a realistic movie about drugs and the true world in Berlin in the '70s!

Melissa (mx) wrote: Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are always fun to watch. This movie is no exception... 3 stars.

Brynn H (kr) wrote: LOVE it!!!! soo cute and I love her clothes!

Guilherme N (ru) wrote: Beautiful title, nothing else. Oh yes, do you want movies/ series about nothing? Try Seinfeld

Jon E (de) wrote: "There Is No Doubt In My Mind That You Will Be Murdered!" lol

Gabriel K (de) wrote: Visually it's a masterfully made movie. Unfortunately, it drowns itself in too many subplots, none if them fully reaching its potential, and eventually it becomes too drawn out and incoherent. It was quite a chore to sit through the entire thing, i found myself struggling to stay awake in the last third.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Based on one of the most iconic Batman comics of all time, Batman: The Killing Joke sounded like an exciting foray into the world of DC.Prior to seeing Batman: The Killing Joke, I had not actually seen any of the animated DC films. The standard for animation and storytelling would therefore be all new to me upon viewing it. I also hadn't read Batman: The Killing Joke, though that was more so that I had a greater chance of enjoying the film based on criticisms about differences between the source material and film.One of the biggest criticisms of Batman: The Killing Joke is the 30 minute prologue focused on Batgirl. Given that the film is based on a comic that examines the background of the iconic villain Joker, the fact that it spends 30 minutes playing around with an arbitrary story about Batgirl being an inferior vigilante who always needs Batman to come to her rescue before a forced sexual affair happens. I thought the story was cliche at first, but when Batgirl and Batman began having sex I was completely unable to make any sense of it. When critics talk about weak or sexualized female characters in entertainment, Batgirl's characterization in this film is the epitome of what they refer to. It's hard to deny: this is sexist character treatment in its most obvious form. While Batgirl has some badass moments of showing off her cool array of fight moves, it's difficult to look past the fact that the creators of Batman: The Killing Joke have looked at the character though an incredibly conservative lens. It's a very distinctive mistake to not only put a completely arbitrary and pointless 30-minute prequel into a film but to also make it one which is cringe-worthy in its treatment of a female character, so Batman: The Killing Joke makes some pretty solid mistakes in no time.When it comes down to actually telling the story of the Joker, this is where the film really begins. If anybody ever told you to skip past the first 30 minutes of Batman: The Killing Joke, they were right. It's obvious that the filmmakers had to throw this in alongside the story about Joker torturing James Gordon in order to stretch the material to feature length, but since material of such a low standard was utilized to achieve this it's hard not to question what the point of it was. But if the poor storytelling in the beginning of the film wasn't enough to destroy it for you, the genuinely poor storytelling that carries on into the second act should seal its fate. The manner in which the plot structure cuts between the multiple time frames of the story is annoying and disjointing.Given that there is such a dramatically ineffectual leadup to the actual moment that the nameless individual becomes Joker, the reveal carries no power whatsoever. It's such a generically framed one which does nothing to emphasize the deep psychological torment of the character, rather echoing back to a time when Tim Burton did it way better in his version of Batman (1989). Given that he took significant influence from The Killing Joke in crafting his story yet did it much better, the best thing that comes from this animated adaptation is a reminder that a far superior film lies somewhere out there. And after the story reaches the point when the birth of Joker finally happens, the film is over in a blink afterward. Batman: The Killing Joke ultimately has so little to do with the backstory of Joker that its title is a lie to audiences and a betrayal to fans of the source material, and there is nothing particularly compelling or funny about it along the way.When it comes to the standard of animation in Batman: The Killing Joke, there is nothing impressive to the credit of the film. The colour scheme is nice and the characters look appropriately in tune with their source material as well as the fact that some of the more three-dimensional animated scenes show some impressive production values, but the quality is of the standard of your standard Saturday morning animated TV show. The technique has barely stepped it up since Batman first entered into the world of animation, and the movement of the characters' mouths are far from spectacular. Despite a handful of well-animated action scenes, the lacklustre standards for the film are not mutually exclusive to the animation technique.And even the voice cast has little to offer. I've never heard Kevin Conroy in the role of Batman before, but upon my first experience with him in the role I feel like he fails to capture the darker edge of the character. He may sound like a good Bruce Wayne, but I don't believe him as Batman. Perhaps its the lack of character development in the story that affects this in some way, but either way I'm not impressed. Tara Strong fails to live up to her surname by portraying Batgirl as being whiny and insecure without any core strength to her, ultimately coming off as very one-dimensional. The majority of the supporting cast seem to take the material very lightly as well, meaning there is rarely any sense of actual drama in the film.The one asset that Batman: The Killing Joke manages to nail is casting the perfect voice actor to portray Joker. Having become a legend for his voice role as the criminal mastermind, Mark Hamill's return to the role is typically flawless as he seats himself deep in the insanity of the character and grasps it with tenacious strength, having sadistic fun with the part and creating a truly intimidating presence. Mark Hamill perfectly captures the deeply sick and twisted nature of the character without ever stumbling, crafting a character so villainous that the film is able to make at least a modicum of impact. Mark Hamill stands as the clear highlight of Batman: The Killing Joke.Batman: The Killing Joke wrings a predictably killer performance from Mark Hamill, but its absence of character development, drama or actual respect for Batgirl dissolves the material into a generic and poorly-structured tale of poor choices in filmmaking.