Eve (Anne Coesens) is an emergency medical technician who falls in love with Damien (Sagamore Stévenin), a handsome and caring man who runs a neighborhood bar in the Belgian countryside. ...

Eve is an emergency medical technician who falls in love with Damien (Sagamore Stévenin), a handsome and caring man who runs a neighborhood bar in the Belgian countryside. When Damien and Eve become a couple, she joins him in looking after the bar and becomes friendly with the regular customers, but things take an unexpected turn when Eve is in a serious auto accident. While Eve walks away with no serious physical injuries, she's emotionally ravaged by the experience, and develops a severe speech impediment. Eve's new stutter makes it hard for her to communicate with Damien and she becomes the butt of jokes from the customers. Eve is increasingly isolated and Damien takes up with another woman until Eve retaliates by trapping him in their home and forces him to re-establish the building blocks of their relationship, starting with their sexual communication. Meanwhile, Eve's struggle to speak is contrasted with one of the tavern's annual events, an animal calling contest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hctor C (it) wrote: Sad and deep movie about love and the end of the world. It remains me to Melancholia from Lars Von Trier however in a Spanish way..

Davey K (de) wrote: Loved it, especially for the amazing ending. Vidya is incredible to the very end. Highly recommend!

Luis P (br) wrote: Qu prdida de tiempo tanto para los que la vieron como para quienes la produjeron. Malisima. No Recomendada.

Zed L (es) wrote: Some of them are good, some really stupid.

Tyler L (us) wrote: [indent] Exploitation films emerged during the 1970's throughout "Grindhouse" venures. They represent the world underground filming and culture. These are the original films that came out offering cheap thrills, sex, violence and anything too obscure, too far and radical that could'nt be seen in mainstream cinima. August Underground delivers just this, cold-hearted and shameless. For the fellow young men, as I whom wished to once see this movie in my adolecence, I warn you. This movie is beyond disturbing, it is sick, messed up, disgusting and reeks of offense. This is the movie your parents never wanted you to see. The whole 79 minute film shows the radical, dark side of human nature through a series of murders and rapes caught and made to look like, a home movie. The plot revolves around 2 men whom capture people, touture them, and dispose of them in as twisted ways as possible, thats it, nothing else.:up: For the effects, this is the only reason you should appreciate this film, there is no script, no story, nothing only violence in the extreame. I recall me turning off the film by the 40 minute mark. This movie cannot be watched entirely, unless you are as messed up as the people on screen, this is a horrible film.:down: If you want any scrap of a story, pass this. If you get queesy with the littlest amount of gore, dont even look at the box. If you want character development, don't even look here, this is not for you. If you are a die-hard gore hound, interested in the alternative, anti-hollywood cinima, give it a chance, however you can only purchase this film through the website, and at roughly $35, it may not be worth it, but film collectors might find such a rare treat. With all these horrible gore flicks, many get tiring, old. August Underground follows the same formula, just in a hard, brutal way. This movie is beyond my imagination and I am truly afraid people like this exsist, they have no sense of reason, its a scary feeling. This movie will leave you feeling somewhat dirty, uncomfterble and in some senses, disgusted with yourself, but the film is in a weird sense original.[/indent]

Diana S (ag) wrote: Now all I can think about is recycled air. Very interesting take on life. Weird Superman thing tho.

Mel (it) wrote: xD Sesso da Tarde e imaginary friends feelings.

Timm S (kr) wrote: Wasn't Terrible...Thought It Coulda Had 10-Min Chopped Off The First 1/3 & Another 20-Min Added To The Last 1/3, Especially The Final Escape, Which Appeared All Too Easy In The End. Finished Very Suddenly & With The Obvious Patriotic-American Overtones. An Interesting True Story All The Same.

Kevin R (fr) wrote: This is a B movie with great special FX. Fairly entertaining western dino film with top notch effects (for the time) from the legend Harryhausen. If you ever wanted to see a cowboy battle a dinosaur in a church then this film is for you!

Jacob W (de) wrote: It's alright, but it drags

Darren H (es) wrote: In the world of "I Wake Up Screaming", it's stalker-central with a dead babe stuck in the middle. I have to admit the sure-handed style and strong acting grows on you.

Jordan T (jp) wrote: I remember this being a really funny film, though now I'd probably find it a little too 40s. Still, I liked it.