Calcuatte, Unabashed

Calcuatte, Unabashed


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John O (kr) wrote: A guy from a privileged background uses his time travelling powers to set himself up in life with a beautiful wife, job, kids etc. Then, and only then, he tells us that he is going to stop using his gift and live every day to the full... and we should too! [email protected]%k off Bill Nighy is great though:)

Ely B (br) wrote: This is an amazing tribute to the live musical version of this masterpiece. Finally a good copy can be watched at home without going to see the live musical theater. There is a tribute at the end with the original phantoms, definitely worth watching and owning in your home.

Tracy F (ru) wrote: Excellent coming of age of movie. I feel about twenty five years too old watching this. LOL. But I enjoyed it.

James H (kr) wrote: Had to watch this for an intercultural comm class and I can see why, Khan faces the typical 'stereotype' because of 9/11. Overall, very good film... Just a tad bit long.

Jessica M (nl) wrote: very bad.. at least the kid wasn't so bad.. a lot of sci-fi old known actors.if you watch see till the very end of the credits, best part of the movie x)

Johan M (it) wrote: Poetic and beautiful. This is a movie that you can relax to and move into. Turn inside it and feel the fragile girl's voice touch your heart and clean your thoughts. Make you feel like you are her and she's you. Feel her pain as your pain, and your pain as her pain. That you longing togheter to end the pain.

Nicola W (ca) wrote: This was better than I thought it was going to be, not laugh out loud funny but it was amusing. Not a fan of black comedy but I quite like the concept

Ben G (de) wrote: What the hell. I loved it as a kid, and even though I've become more critical of movies these days, I can forgive how horrible this one was.

John K (fr) wrote: one of the funniest movies I've ever watched

Sean C (de) wrote: Normally when an art film fails, it is dull. Not here though. Here the film is so absurd and the talent of the actors so wasted, that you won(TM)t believe it. Gregorian Chants during a sex scene is something not to be missed. All lovers of bad movie must see this!

Corey B (it) wrote: This movie will always have a special place in my heart, watching this movie at 7 years old it was the first movie to make me cry. It's too bad no one really knows about this movie. It still is a good movie and my all time favourite coming of age story. It's also funny to see Reese Witherspoon as a little girl (or pre teen I suppose). Either way a good movie, a movie I enjoyed as a kid and even more now.

Robert B (au) wrote: This is excellent fictional story about the filming of the classic film, "The African Queen." Clint Eastwood transforms in to the egotistical, lust for life Film Director, John Wilson (Based on John Huston). He is a larger then life opinionated bully who dominates those around him. Jeff Fahey is terrific as the intellectual thoughtful screenwriter who is along for the ride in the deep African jungle. This film is a great character study, with an underlying morality play that back a punch at the end. Please take the time to see this fine film.

Private U (it) wrote: Saw it in the 80's and I still watch it today. Overall good movie but does have some flaws.

Eric R (kr) wrote: Oh Enzo! The New Barbarians (also released as Warriors of the Wasteland) further proves how a once respectable Italian director can circum to making complete trash in the 80's. His bleak future trash classics 1990: The Bronx Warriors and its sequel Escape from the Bronx, though entertaining, showed a director that was a shadow of his former self. The New Barbarians further showed Enzo further descending that staircase from his thrown as this is even a step below those trash classics. Yes it still manages to entertain thanks mostly to Enzo seemingly having fun and not taking the material too seriously.The New Barbarians is another one of those Italian "Road Warrior" knock-offs that seemed like they were a dime a dozen in the early 80's. The film opens with an awful miniature effect with a nuclear bomb explosion in the back ground, respectively. It's safe to say that a nuclear war occurred and all that's left is roaming warriors on the highways. It seems that style and fashion has taken a turn for the outlandish in the future with warriors roaming around with silly haircuts, outrageous outfits, and driving moronic cars that make high pitched whines and whirls. Our bands of surviving humans are terrorized by a group called the Templars who are trying to whip out humanity. In comes our Mad Max hero (named Scorpion, played by Giancarlo Prete whom you might remember from Escape From the Bronx) and with the help of some sidekicks (one being Fred "the Hammer" Williamson!) decide to attempt to take the Templars out.Thankfully Enzo doesn't take the film too seriously as the film is truly awful, but not to the extent that it's unwatchable. It's actually got plenty of entertainment value to it with plenty of unintentional laughs making this a great midnite movie. One shocking element Enzo includes is an odd rape sequence of our hero by the leader of the Templars (George Eastman). I kid you not! They capture him, load him up in a special contraption that bends him over and our Eastman has his way with him! The sequence is shocking that it's unintentionally hilarious! Can you imagine Mad Max getting raped? It's a gutsy move by Enzo but it just comes out ridiculous. Another very quick absurd image I can remember is a shot towards the beginning of the film where it shows the skeletal remains of a woman in a hazmat suit that has clear plastic domes over her breasts. I highly doubt women will ever wear outfits like this but it was a nice joke the filmmakers threw in (at least I hope it was a joke).Many people will no doubt think this belongs in cinema wastland but I still had fun even with all its badness. There's something about these trashy Italian Road Warrior rip-offs I find insanely entertaining and The New Barbarians is definitely one of the most entertaining. It still amazes me Enzo directed it though as his 60's and 70's outings are classics of Italian cinema. Then again he wasn't the only director to take the trashy route of films when the 80's came rolling around...Bonus Rant: The ending is complete rip-off of Fistful of Dollars. Our hero hires a young boy (Bob form House by the Cemetery!) to build him a bullet proof coating on his skin that's made of some special kind of plastic. Hooky beyond belief!

April B (es) wrote: Worst christmas movie ever