Calcutta Mail

Calcutta Mail

Avinash(Anil Kapoor) went to Calcutta for no reason. After meeting with Reema (Rani Mukherjee), he starts having flashbacks about his past and his son. His inquiries take him to Bombay via the Calcutta Mail, and this is where he will find out whether his son is alive or not, or he has been trapped.

Avinash comes to a city where everyone wants to kill him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sanja V (fr) wrote: Diane Keaton is brilliant; although ocassionally teetering on the brink of grotesque, she never falls over the edge and carries the whole film on her back. From time to time the film looses momentum (more severe editing would have been good), but it does pick up again and there are a few priceless moments (grandma in the bowling alley) which make it well worth watching.

Roxanne R (br) wrote: What a gem and thanks to Netflix for recommending the film based on my viewing history! This romantic comedy takes place in NY where Allegra (Elizabeth Reaser) just broke up with her girlfriend due to a fear of commitment. She feels sad and lonely until a chance encounter with a college professor named Phillip (Justin Kirk) sparks feelings never felt before for a man. Allegra views the sex as fun but is not interested in a committed relationship with him whereas Phillip breaks up with his girlfriend of six years (Grace) since he is madly in love with Allegra. Since Allegra is gay, she meets a woman and decides to date her, eventually getting involved with her. But life has a big surprise for these people and a chain reaction takes place that will change their lives forever. Great script, witty, funny and romantic. Definitely a winner and highly recommended!

Repartiendo El P (ca) wrote: ltima pelcula de la triloga de Finlandia de Kaurismki, a la que anteceden "Drifting Clouds" y "The man without a past". Es un cierre d (C)bil despu (C)s de llegar a la cumbre de su carrera con "The man without a past", su pelcula ms premiada. Abarca los mismos temas -perdedores, miseria, desempleo, clase trabajadora- pero de una manera ms somera y con menos sentido del humor. S se quiere acercar a la obra de este director, y especficamente a esta triloga, recomendamos mejor darle la oportunidad a las primeras dos cintas.

John H (mx) wrote: Well. How very British. From the very beginning to the very end. Or is it 'ending.' Oh Dear. Dreadful if I chance giving anything away. The pace of the production was, well, so very controlled. And forgive me if I sound too very excited about this hour and a half investment of time. Overly excited. Perhaps that choice of wording is better suited. Raging emotion throughout, I daresay.

Rohit V (br) wrote: not that good,so-so....

Arpan G (de) wrote: Only Aamir can do this stuff !!

sinisteris t (br) wrote: Really bad. 2.3/10. D.

Kyle K (us) wrote: wow I can't believe I'm saying this but this movie was a fantastic comedy

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Paul K (de) wrote: This is cracking. We've put off watching this for months, i don't know quite why. It's very evocative of Irish Free State, circa 1932. There's stuff here about conflict between different factions post-independence that I wasn't aware of. Jimmy Gralton was a communist, and was eventually deported from his homeland to the USA. It's an uplifting tale, well narrated and acted, although I suspect it's more uplifting on screen than it was in real life. it's certainly been romanticised. A worthy watch nonetheless.

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Arthur L (us) wrote: 2012 Doomsday at least made some sense. This movie doesn't.

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