Calibre 45

Calibre 45


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:50 minutes
  • Release:1924
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:number in title,  

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Calibre 45 torrent reviews

Johnson C (nl) wrote: Acceptable Jackie Chan's style action movie, using the environment to do the actions. Add marks for the China's tourism style scene.

Cassidy L (ag) wrote: This movie can suck my butthole.

Karsh D (nl) wrote: There are some bad Seagal movies out there - and this is one of them! can't bring myself to give you a brief plot, mainly because of a lack of one in the first place.

Jacob B (jp) wrote: Like the title, the film has a lot of seen-it-before elements and the finale is really quite absurd but Denzel delivers everything he has in the role and the whole 2nd act is proper sci-fi, benefiting from genuine tension and very fun action.B

Mark B (mx) wrote: this movie kinda blows, except for the the part when the woman cuts her own throat. otherwise boring french terrorist bullshit.

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: Quart Vittel: That's life.

TheSecond P (us) wrote: well the script is bad,loved the nudity thou

Chayc (ru) wrote: One of the worst in the series, and the Producer's cut Isn't any better, maybe worse. Paul Rudd isn't very good in one of his first roles.