California Solo

California Solo

Lachlan MacAldonich is a self-described “lazy Scotsman” and former guitar player for a once-popular 1990s rock band. No longer famous, he now lives a comfortably numb existence working on an organic farm outside Los Angeles. He drinks himself into a stupor every night and retires to his shabby apartment to record his podcast, recounting the tragic deaths of great musicians. After a particularly heavy night of drowning his sorrows at a local watering hole, he is arrested for driving under the influence. This snag, coupled with a long-ago conviction for a drug offense, means Lachlan faces possible deportation. His only hope of remaining stateside is proving that his absence would cause extreme hardship for a spouse or relative – forcing him to confront relationships he thought were buried forever.

A former Britpop rocker who now works on a farm gets caught driving drunk and faces deportation after living in Los Angeles for many years. His efforts to stay in the U.S. force him to confront the past and current demons in his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liam U (fr) wrote: Not bad, quite funny in places but the plot isn't the strongest (or the scariest, always a risk with horror/comedies) but still entertaining enough. Jemaine Clement isn't in this much, which is a shame, and neither is Rhys Darby, although seeing his little face in the scenes he is in was joyous. Raybon Ken isn't bad in the lead and Jessica Grace Smith is very nice to look at, she can act too but still. Can see why the comparisons to Peter Jacksons earlier work are drawn, but there is quite a difference between the two. Still, it's fun while it lasts.

Sefryana K (kr) wrote: sempat bingung dengan alurnya, tapi saya akui cukup mengejutkan. aktingnya biasa saja (buat saya) dan ada beberapa adegan membingungkan.

Alvaro N (ca) wrote: An incredible movie experience that takes the world of anime and brings it into reality. Sometimez over styleazation takes the movie into a unrealistic world that might get in the way of making a perfect movie experince. But overall a must watch for anime fans! Its a movie that must not be missed.

Raven R (jp) wrote: This movie was a seriously terrible adaptation of 2 novels (Someone Like You & That Summer) written by the best selling teen fiction author, Sarah Dessen. Honestly, I think Kilner shouldn't have combined both novels together. By compressing both stories into one movie, she emitted a lot of crucial details. The result was a sappy, melodramatic and unorganized mess that made the protagonist look like an self-centered, overly dramatic & angst ridden teenage drama queen. The film was further destroyed by the terrible performance delivered by Mary Garrison. This movie makes all teenagers and hopeless romantics look bad.

Catharina Wartiainen M (jp) wrote: never get bored with this one:) great christmas movie!"gratis alkohol mann!"

Louis H (jp) wrote: A guilty pleasure from my childhood.

Cory T (ag) wrote: This extremely risible, effete and addlepated film was basically an audition for John McTiernan. A demo reel if you will for his next gig which was the massively popularized Predator. Arnold Schwarzenegger screened this and envisioned him as the perfect candidate for his extraterrestrial action flick. What did he see? He certainly has a cinematic eye with blue blips on the nocturnal Los Angeles skyline. Shackled in handcuffs while babbling French nonsense, Pierce Brosnan is eye-rollingly cheesy in his shellshocked hysteria and broadly nasal Inspector Clouseau accent. His escape from captivity is incompetently drenched in a slow-motion frame rate (which is the padding for most scenes) as he whispers into Dr. Eileen Flax's (Leslie-Anne Down with Virginia Madsen's poutiness) ear and dopey staging for a jump scare. From that point onward, Flax rhapsodizes about flashbacks to sociologist Jean-Charles Pommier's (Brosnan) existence before his untimely departure. The most laughably mundane is a possessed Flax reciting verbatim Pommier's conversation with a real-estate agent. It's also not a flattering portrait for hospitals. The physicians and nurses act awfully cavalier about the "lunatic" Pommier's extemporaneous death (and the staff is somehow fluent in French). To his disadvantage, McTiernan also wedges a malapropos rock-n'-roll guitar stingers and a heartbeat during the "suspense" in what should otherwise be a classy, supernatural affair. If this were a kamikaze satire on yuppie-in-danger movies, it would be a riot but sadly, McTiernan is the Claudio Fragasso who devoutly believes that leather-clad biker gangs in a blackout van are the sources for helter-skelter in the audience's nervous system. An interlude with a kindly nun doesn't decipher the cryptic, impenetrable storyline any further. While Pommier is photographing them, it degenerates into a Motley Crue music video. Seems Schwarzenegger took a monumental leap-of-faith on McTiernan because, based on this wafer-thin affidavit, he wasn't ready for the next phase.

Karen G (ru) wrote: While this was no great flick, my growing interest in Asian films made this a worth while watch. Made in the late 80's it had clear influence from American music videos and perhaps Conan the Barbarian. The humor and tone of the film reminded me of The Princess Bride. I think the best part was the the actress who played the young heroine (a.k.a. demon vampire) appears in the more recent Crouching Tiger . . as Jade Fox. Neat to see her as the love interest here.

Spencer S (ag) wrote: A trio of talented dames took hold of this musical and breathed life into it. Set in the age of the flapper, there are references to the silent picture era, beautiful musical numbers, and the always flamboyant and full of zeal Carol Channing. The entire production went a bit long, and got sidetracked by easy to miss add ons, plus there was the entire side story of white slavery perpetrated by the Chinese overseers of a hotel for single young girls, which took away from what was important. The ending itself was unfortunate, and could have done with a bit of a rewrite. Otherwise, amazing.

Aniko V (ru) wrote: in some ways very realistic, in others very much not so - still a good look at Tokyo high society and marriage as an institution in general (even though it seems to focus on arranged marriages only). Ozu, as usual, is great at telling a very human story.

Bradford D (ca) wrote: "Queen Christina" is, on the surface, a classic historical romance, complete with royalty, romantic fantasy, and palace intrigue. It is what's underneath the surface that makes QC compelling. The movie manages to examine gender roles and sexism (the Queen was raised just like a male heir would have been). It touches on the reasons wars are so popular in that they provide profits to the wealthy landowners/big business, they provide glory and rank advancement for the military officers, and they provide a quick way to eradicate competing points of view; in this case benefiting the religious leaders who will no longer have to tolerate blasphemy (any other religion). The willingness to examine our own society is what makes this movie feel so fresh, especially when placed side by side with the standard blockbuster of today where the only real goal is to sell the American Dream of white teeth, cool cars, and the latest shoes. Don't worry. There's still plenty of time for swordplay and many close-ups of Greta Garbo. So enjoy!

Ryan S (es) wrote: This is easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. There are way too many characters and subplots, and the way they are cut together is often confusing. This makes it very difficult to care about any of the characters. The audio quality is terrible, and much of the acting and screenwriting is cringe-worthy. The main character's arguments for God, in all honesty, aren't very convincing; plus, if any professor forced his students to declare that "God is dead" under threat of failing the course, they would be fired immediately.Every non-Christian character is depicted as an absolutely horrible person, and every Christian character is depicted as innocent and persecuted (even though an estimated 74% of Americans claim to be Christian). The non-believers have horrible things happen to them, and all the Christians live happily ever after. Clearly, that's not how reality works. Both good and bad things happen to believers and non-believers alike at about the same ratio.This movie is not trying to show both sides fairly, nor is it trying to convert non-believers. Instead, it is pandering to Christians.

Kate E (gb) wrote: So, I have this biig ying for Anthony Perkins. He's hot, well was hot. I loove hot, creepy guys so I thought hey, I'll watch this movie.Holy cow, it's good. I really liked it. Perkin's plays a kinda strange man, who falls for a 17 year old girl who he kind of tricks into thinking he's in the CIA. Well, come to find out, she's a bit more crazy than he is, a lot crazier. She gets so far into the lie that she starts killing people.