Caligula with Mary Beard

Caligula with Mary Beard


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Caligula with Mary Beard 2013 full movies, Caligula with Mary Beard torrents movie

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Caligula with Mary Beard torrent reviews

Dan M (us) wrote: In a football world where the Seahawks have the number 1 overall pick in the draft and trading away 3 consecutive first round draft picks is no big deal, there's this movie. Not really exciting stuff, I mean it's about Draft Day(obviously) :yawn: Could be worse I suppose. I did get one heck of a chuckle out of the 'Cleveland Browns are going to the Super Bowl!' bit, hahahaha

Ahmed A (ru) wrote: What a waste of time and talent! Terrible indeed :-(

Matthew S (ca) wrote: What gives this film some merit is the approach Elias takes in presenting psychological horror. This movie could easily have become a gore-fest, but instead attempts to provide "tension" and "horror" through the use of his two principal actors and a series of uncomfortable and awkward situations. The problem is that there is not enough information from which his two actors can utilize to better understand what is going on. Actor, Jason Vail, gives it all he's got in capturing not only his character's ever growing dilemma and paranoia. However, is in an all-too vague insight into whether what "Tom" sees grips him because of "repulsion" or "twisted eroticism" --- this might have been the director's goal. But I didn't find the film interesting enough to really care. However, one must give Elias credit for making a film that deals with "the snuff movie" -- which one can only hope is "urban myth" --- without ever resorting to the depravity of applying the typical level of perverse glee that often sneaks into such topics. There are some very strong indicators here that Elias might turn out to be great filmmaker. But it won't be because of this film.

Cody Y (au) wrote: I want to meet a gay man who quotes 'Young Frankenstein' while doing his laundry. And is blond.

Niall W (au) wrote: Vietnamese. Nice cinematography. Pretty much every actor/actress had to be beautiful to get a part in this flick.

stephanie b (ca) wrote: Fantastic movie! I was a little doubtful after 'Mimai Vice' that Don Johnson had it in him to be a serious actor, but he held his own in this one!

Michael H (fr) wrote: Atrocious. The worst film that I've seen Murphy in.

Ryan T (us) wrote: The added cast of Chamberlain and Jones only makes the film cheesier than it already is and the added magic element doesn't work either.

William R (br) wrote: it's like the unofficial sequel to Superbad but worthwhile due to Owen Wilson's efforts

Jiana W (ag) wrote: It feels a little messy at times. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it knows whether it wants to be amusing or sexy, so eventually it winds up being neither. I don't think Angelina Jolie is at her best here. She definitely isn't as good as she can be, though she has her moments. The real power of the story is Luis. Antonio Banderas makes him a sympathetic character, so you understand his passion bordering on obsession with finding Julia. The scene in which he tries to poison himself is probably the best moment in the movie.