Call a Messenger

Call a Messenger

A tough street kid attempts to rob a post office and is caught. In order to avoid reform school, he takes a job as a messenger with the post office. He finds that he likes it, and when his brother is released from prison, attempts to help his brother go straight. However, the two of them get mixed up with a local gangster, who has plans to start robbing post office branches and using the messenger and his brother to do it.

A tough street kid attempts to rob a post office and is caught. In order to avoid reform school, he takes a job as a messenger with the post office. He finds that he likes it, and when his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alicia H (de) wrote: Enjoyed this. Whimsical and visually beautiful. Could definitely feel the Tim Burton vibe, but more elegant and mature than, say, Beetlejuice.

Michael H (de) wrote: "What's that? The Chemical Brothers are releasing a movie? Quick! Get my agent on the phone! I demand a camera crew! What? I need talent? I will dazzle the audience with lasers and fireworks! No one will notice my mixing(!) is shit and I'm only twiddling knobs! Huzzah! Money in the bank!"

Ri A (es) wrote: Aisha is full of designer clothes, polo matches, corporate life style etc but where is the story?

Andrew W (fr) wrote: Deviates from the original graphic novel in several important ways, particularly characters. That being said, this is an action movie with intrigue, twists and exciting scenes. The lead whilst not looking like the graphic character at all is charismatic and believable.

Devon W (fr) wrote: A very strong start to what could've been an incredible movie, but as it progresses the novelty continues to wear away until it comes to an oddly filmed silly ending.

John B (br) wrote: Imelda Staunton's performance as an illegal abortionist is understated enough to be brilliant. Her passion for helping women which seems to be greater than her understanding for doing what it is that she does adds to the film's gravity.

Peter F (ca) wrote: Thom Andersen's documentary is basically a film essay regarding how film has reflected the history/culture of Los Angeles (and vice-versa), which it makes a resounding case towards. Composed entirely of copyrighted footage from films, Los Angelas Plays Itself is a real treat for cine-philes, and Andersen is certainly intelligent with his choices. His suggestions and facts paint a most fascinating portrait, and may very well change some of your views on Hollywood. An impressive and fully satisfying documentary, that doesn't even begin to feel like it's three hours long.

Lisa J (fr) wrote: Silly little 80's flick,but pretty good. Really "cutesie" and I'm definatly not into angels,but i loved it.^_^ Very cute.

Peter A (kr) wrote: A gentle movie with inner tension that could have been used to better purpose. Mark, a latter-day hippy in search of self, and Kurt, a compliant father-to-be, go on a camping trip, the spur of the moment. Kurt is more personally grounded and eager to talk about whatever the two lost as they grew apart, post-college or high school. Mark is more into avoidance, right down to the scene in which the men are lying in adjoining wooden tubs full of steaming water and Kurt gets up, smokes joint, and tries to make a physical connection. There are hints that they might have had a sexual fling years past, but Mark is not going that far now. His expressions say more than his words. The duo talk in circles and the dialogue never gets very interesting. It's all about Kurt's taking a course in physics, his vision of the universe, and Mark's volunteering to teach woodworking to teenagers. At least Mark gets party animated sharing this. There is a hint from Mark that Kurt also does volunteering, but to a "very different community" - the only hint of Kurt's possible gayness. Wish the movie had more intense conversation and that Kurt had broken through Mark's innate privacy boundaries. As it is, it's thoughtful, but needed to get to a bolder place.

Marcus W (au) wrote: In the future, Earth will be plagued by giant cylinders that are obsessed with humpback whales...

Toysorama (es) wrote: Almost all the Micheal Bay-isms are gone, but that actually makes the movie worse. The transformers are on screen for 1/2 the time. 1/2 the time they're on screen they fight. That means only 1/4 of the movie is showing the transformers in a fight scene. The rest is unfunny humor, big breasted woman getting out of cars, human fighting, and stereotypes. At least when the transformers were fighting it was good. But it brought spirit. And that's what mattersGrade: C