Call Girl

Call Girl

Amar returns from abroad and is asked by his multi-millionaire dad, Sonachand, to assist with their family business, Amar agrees to do so, on the condition that he spends the rest of the ...

Amar returns from abroad and is asked by his multi-millionaire dad, Sonachand, to assist with their family business, Amar agrees to do so, on the condition that he spends the rest of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob R (ru) wrote: Actually worse than the reviews would have you believe!

Tricia R (br) wrote: As much as I dislike Robert Pattinson, he really pulled a number on this movie and made it as great as the book. Reese Witherspoon is absolutely riveting and fabulous in every aspect. The chemistry between characters, whether good or bad, is perfectly demonstrated and portrays the book in the greatest sense possible. Overall, it was a really impressive movie.

Deidra R (ag) wrote: This would be completely impossible, but still, I guess every vote counts!!!!!!!!!!!!

Private U (jp) wrote: Que peli tan mala lo unico medianamente aceptable es Vivica

Carlos R (mx) wrote: Clearly inspired by the influential and acclaimed French film "Les quatre cents coups", Joe the King is an equally very good film. Despite the harsh issues the film deals with, the film is charming and touching. Joe is a normal and good boy that sadly has been misguided through all his life, he hasn't been supported or loved enough by his parents, therefore he commits several bad actions. From the very first scene of the film, the character development of Joe is perfectly done, and fortunately he is surrounded by several other interesting characters played by some experienced actors.Those experienced actors who worked in this film are: Val Kilmer, Ethan Hawke, John Leguizamo and Karen Young. They had clear supporting roles in this film, but they added their talent to this good little drama. It's worthy to mention as well Max Ligosh's brilliant performance as Joe's older brother.The film has some ups and downs after its brilliant start, but it grows in emotions as the story flows, and by the end it was very satisfying, especially because of that beautiful and wonderful ending. I'm glad I watched it. It was a nice experience.

Blake P (fr) wrote: What a great movie! With a star- studded cast too! I'm not sure why this movie is so overlooked. Kirk Douglas is a struggling musician whose only friend is his trumpet. Through his life, and until the teenage years, life isn't so good. But once he becomes an adult, life turns around. He gets a good job working as a trumpet player in a big band, and he meets nice singer Doris Day, a woman who he is beginning to love. When going to dinner with her one night, he meets her friend Lauren Bacall. He is deeply attracted, and they get married, but when it turns out she's cold- hearted and mean, problems start to happen. This is truly an underrated, classic drama. Everything might be over the top and melodramatic, but that's certainly OK, because the plotline is interesting throughout the movie. This is one of Kirk Douglas first roles, and was fresh from his Oscar nominated work in boxing movie "Champion". It was a good follow up, because I felt like this must have been a challenging performance, and he nails it better that I could have ever imagined. Doris Day is in an early role as well and had only made her film debut a year earlier. Her movies prior to this were all forgettable musicals, and somehow this one always gets overlooked. It's irritating to think that some people are wasting their time watching them instead of this! The one who shines them all out is obviously Lauren Bacall. She usually wasn't the type to play mean characters, obviously from her film noirs she made with Humphrey Bogart a few years before. She was soft then, but here she's as tough as nails. Though her only Oscar nomination was 1996's "The Mirror Has Two Faces", that was long overdue and she should have gotten one for this. "Young Man with a Horn" is pretty much what I describe as underrated, and anyone who wants a star- studded cast doing their best, I highly recommend it

Blake P (br) wrote: Vivid technicolor? A star cast? Cecil B. DeMille directing? An octopus? Those were all things I heard about when hearing about epic "Reap the Wild Wind". This is actually and shockingly my first movie made by pioneer DeMille, and I think this will be the start of a beautiful friendship! This movie is bound to be good when you get Ray Milland, John Wayne, Paulette Goddard, Susan Hayward, Robert Preston, and Charles Bickford all in the same movie. While I love them all and I love them in it, this film just DID NOT do it for me! Though I still liked it in certain areas like the special effects, the color, and cast, there are just some things that don't always make better of mistakes. This movie is a teeny bit on the cheesy side in my opinion, and trust me, I've seen many big epics like this such as "Wake of the Red Witch" and "Blood and Sand" but none are like this. I think what this movie was missing was good dialogue and plot. While I was expecting a no- nonsense action movie, instead I got a sea drama/law film with a hint of adventure towards the end. Considering this is a two-hour movie, it really is hard to wait that long for some Technicolor fun. I do add the star because of the other good factors I mentioned earlier, but other than that, this is really a two-star movie. Based on recommendations, I would say better sea movies would be the Errol Flynn masterpiece, "The Sea Hawk", or other fun colorful Tyrone Power swashbuckler flick, "The Black Swan". "Reap the Wild Wind" isn't by any means bad, but it's certainly not what I was hoping to get.

Anne F (us) wrote: Will Hay plays an inept stationmaster in a faraway part of Ireland. Runaway trains and gun-smugglers should have amused me but didn't - sorry.

Daniel T (it) wrote: this movie is so stupid and misses the point of star trek

Amanda W (gb) wrote: Different/Not Bad/Kinda Liked.

Enrique O (kr) wrote: Un experimento suma y relativamente, interesante y hasta cierto punto, estremecedora.Pero, no se las recomiendo a todo el mundo.

Robert H (us) wrote: I honestly wasn't expecting too much from this movie, but for what I got I was entertained and never bored. BLACK DOG is a fairly standard late-90's B-grade action movie, but its colorful characters help it to transcend the genre cliches and make it somewhat memorable. The basic plot is that Jack Crews (Patrick Swayze) is in need of some extra money and agrees to take a truck-driving job transporting some goods. Little does he know that it's some illegal guns, and soon he has people on his trail as he tries to make the delivery.I've never been too much of a Patrick Swayze fan, mostly because I don't think he can act that well. He has some charisma, for sure, but the only movie I've really enjoyed him in prior to this was ROAD HOUSE. Here, he doesn't get that kind of a role to play, but thankfully the supporting players pick up the slack and make the movie worth watching. Of those cast members, the most entertaining were Meat Loaf as a Bible-quoting madman, and Charles Dutton and Stephen Tobolowsky as a bickering FBI and ATF agent, respectively. Their short scene that opens the film is, in my opinion, the best part and sort of sets the tone for what follows, at least when they're onscreen. Randy Travis also has a supporting role, but all they can do with him is make jokes and references to his real-life career as a country singer.In general, the acting was decent for this type of movie. The action, of course, was well-done. By virtue of being produced before Hollywood became obsessed with CGI and shaky-cam, this film features real stunts, real explosions and crisp, clean action sequences done with some flair. Yes, having cars and trucks explode on impact in a collision is ridiculous, but it's also ridiculously entertaining to watch. Most importantly, the truck-driving sequences were filmed in an interesting way, and actually on the highway. Other positives I can think of are a suitably bombastic score and some gentle soundtrack cuts courtesy of Randy Travis. I don't really care for country music, but he's one person I can tolerate.The negative aspects I can mention are all fairly standard for the genre. There's a lot of plot holes, story threads that aren't followed up on (or at least satisfactorily), and of course the premise. Part of this can be chalked up to the run time. At 89 minutes, it is a little light on story and character development, but then again it didn't exactly need to be complex. Overall, this was much more fun than I was anticipating. It's by no means a good movie, but it's pretty entertaining for what it is. When all is said and done, there's a lot worse ways to spend your time. Also, they do explain what the title means, in case you were wondering.