Call of Death

Call of Death

Ett litet samhälle i 1960-talets början. Åtta gamla bekanta i samma jaktlag har som vanligt samlats till älgjakten. Sju av dem har just varit med om när Måns Westling rattfull körde över en...

Ett litet samhälle i 1960-talets början. Åtta gamla bekanta i samma jaktlag har som vanligt samlats till älgjakten. Sju av dem har just varit med om när Måns Westling rattfull körde över en... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel V (fr) wrote: This dude has so many good movies on the first half of his career. Second half... meh. But it's a great insight into a master of his craft. Someone who could never figure out how to work within the studio system. So he just said F It! I'm out. Thing is, when he was wrangling with the studio, he turned out his best stuff! Any wannabe filmmaker would love this movie.

Randy P (jp) wrote: I don't understand, what was supposed to be intense or suspenseful.This is a stupid film.

Juan Diego L (br) wrote: Es entretenida, me gusta que muestra todo tipo de relaciones entre las parejas, tanto las buenas como las malas, y que al final llegan a una conclusin y un avance en los personajes, lastimosamente no me gusta Sarah Jessica Parker, no me gusta verla, y me parece que es muy larga, se podra hacer esta pelcula en 100 minutos.

Dyron W (ru) wrote: Wahlburg and Phoenix make this uneven and by-the-numbers good brother/bad brother tale worthwhile.

Victor M (gb) wrote: Si no has visto el anime seguro te vas a quedar con un monton de preguntas de por que se rien los treintones de la sala... de todas formas cualquiera se puede pasar un buen rato con esta pelicula.

Michelle E (nl) wrote: Great film! I recommend everyone to watch this. It really is a great film that chronicles what immigrants go through trying to adapt to the U.S. Culture. Things that many don't realize. Especially to those that are from very remote areas. It also shows how difficult it is for immigrants...just trying to find a better life. It's not necessarily what they CHOSE to do. And they've been through very traumatic events that we really don't even have a clue to truly understanding.

Emil K (de) wrote: Who would have guessed that the best film from the Italian master Bernardo Bertolucci is also actually one of his least known. From the day i saw Il Conformista, i just knew Bertolucci is one of the greatest, and when i saw Last Tango in Paris i was just blown away. That film had huge influence on me back in those years. Nothing still quite preapared me for this film. I knew that besieged was film i needed to see in bertolucci's filmography, but i just could not know that it would be one of the greatest cinematical experiences i've had in my whole life. Bertolucci has alway knew how to use camera, colours and music, and all those elements are in such wonderful balance here. Besieged is one of those rare films that just keeps you guessing where it will take you next. Actions of the characters cannot just be predicted. At the first sight this film may seem like romantic drama, but there are truly big issues beneath the surface. Bertolucci even teases us with moments of building tension, brilliantly shot while piano performance and uncertain mood of dread and eerie use of elevator shaft. The whole film feels that it takes place in a hallucinatory dream. You simply cannot trust your eyes. I also need to mention one thing about the performances of Thandie newton and David Thewlis, they are simply outstanding. If you wanna see true artist at the peak of his career look no further. Besieged is one of the greatest films ever to be made. A True masterpiece.

Gian N (ag) wrote: This movie was so awful, it was hilarious. It ha forgettable scenes, the half of the movie was re-used from the clips of the original (not even a decent movie) and this -cough- horror-flick brought only a barrel of awkward laughs. I mean seriously, that Garbage Day scene was hilarious, it fails so much at being scary! I think the movie is more of a cheesy comedy but filled with cheap blood, not recommended for fans of the horror genre.

Justin B (es) wrote: I could have done without the porn inserts and the revenge was not as swift and heavy as I would have preferred but for a grindhouse revenge flick, it's damn good and surprisingly well put together. Christina Lindberg is entrancing.

Bill T (ru) wrote: Although this movie is a study about a nymphomaniac teenager who has sex with everyone she meets.. Oh, and she's swedish, so there's double trouble, this adult film for the hipster crowd does pack moral issues, you know, she doesn't really WANT to be a nympho, and the whole town basically dumps on her, so that this can have a little bit of cred. To a point, it succeeds. Christina Lindberg is very good, and Stellan Skarsgard (!!) is also great as her psycholiogist (though he looks awfully young to be one). Yes, lots of sex in this one, but it also makes ya think!

David K (de) wrote: Extraordinary performances from Olsen and Paulson. Buried deep within the psyche, the power of indoctrination and cultism lingers while civilian life proves quite a struggle for Martha.A mesmerizing, thought provoking and disturbing drama.