Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

Self-centered and status-conscious, ten year old Ryann Hale journeys to Montana to visit her down-to-earth grandpa, Bill Hale. Ryann bonds with a wolf-dog, Buck, and schemes to save him from a cruel dogsledder.

In Montana, a young girl attracts the attention of an evil stranger after she rescues a hurt wolf. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marischa B (kr) wrote: Like the rest of the world (it was a trending topic on Twitter) I was anxiously awaiting the world premiere of The Craigslist Killer. I'll give it this: for a Lifetime movie, it wasn't half bad. Could it have been better? Yes. At times the acting was bad, the music was cheesy, and it was a bit slow for the first thirty minutes. I was expecting the killing scenes to be a bit more intense than they were, but I guess that's what you get with a woman's network. I think if this had been taken to the big screen and directed by Scorsese it would have been a box office hit. You have to remember that Lifetime is a network directed towards women, so the movies are directed towards women as well (hence all the romance in the beginning.) All in all I'd say it was a decent movie. It wasn't something I would pay money to see, but it was something that filled my time and kept me semi interested.

Michael H (nl) wrote: You know the formula for a Hollywood Romance or Romantic Comedy: Set-up a dilemma. Churn through repetitions of the effects of the dilemma you set up. Resolve the dilemma and roll the credits. This isn't that. It looks like it is going to be, but then keeps progressing as the characters learn and develop and their relationships change. All around outstanding performances. But what else would you expect with this cast? And, man, can I be the loser who goes from Catherine Keener to Marisa Tomei? What a way to lose!

Fredrik S (au) wrote: An enticing documentary about birds and how they migrate over vast areas each year. Down to earth storytelling and breathtakingly beautiful footage.

Thomas K (ru) wrote: Straight to TV movie says it all. Filled with far too many cliches to endure. This plot seems like 100's of other films showing the lack of originality of Hollywood. Acting is OK not great.

Daniel Q (mx) wrote: The film starts of with an educational video about the deep blue sea. I thought this was pretty inventive and clever for it's time, being that it gives the rest of the movie a documentary type feel. We have seen this in many recent movies (i.e District 9, where the first half is shot in documentary style). This was ahead of it's time and is probably the most inventive part of the whole film. Some of the dialogue is laughable and most of the creatures shown are clearly stock footage. The movie plays more like a survival film then a sci-fi. Overall, The movie was not as bad as you may have heard, but it's still not one I would recommend. Not even Sci-fi enthusiasts will find many redeeming qualities.

Vincent D (kr) wrote: This movie begins by telling us the formula to any story: Setting, Conflict, Climax, Resolution. The acronym: SCCR, which the narrator pronounces "Sucker." A subtle insult to those who enjoy watching movies? Not so sure what that's all about. The movie centers around a young guy raised in a highly Christian Texan town, where he spent his time as the assistant to the youth pasture of his church. He seeks escape by going to a radically liberal college. This movie is like the inverse of "Lebanon, PA"(2010) where a more liberated man returns to his very conservative home. The bottom line is, in both movies, neither change the other; and yet neither move, in my opinion, makes one seem better than the other. (Preaching alert!) Here in a country that was built in part for the purpose of religious freedom, there is so much hatred over beliefs. What these movies make me feel is that believe what you want to believe, but don't try to shove your beliefs down others' throats, and don't try to tell others to not believe what they choose to believe. As long as your belief is not hurting anyone, you are fine to believe it and no one should tell you not to. And when I say "hurting" I mean causing real physical or psychologically traumatic harm, not harm as in "being damned to hell" or "being made delusional by the teaching of the scriptures." A strong faith in your belief, be it spiritual or not, is a great feeling. Everyone should have that right.

Scott R (us) wrote: Awesome action movie

Alex K (ru) wrote: I Only Like The Richard Lester Version Of This Movie Not The Richard Donner Version That One Sucks.