Call to Arms

Call to Arms

The aggressive and dangerous Chin empire occupies the put-upon Chao kingdom while the hero-filled Wei empire is paralysed by an indecisive ruler.

The aggressive and dangerous Chin empire occupies the put-upon Chao kingdom while the hero-filled Wei empire is paralysed by an indecisive ruler. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William S (gb) wrote: Meh. Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick are great actors but this movie is awfully vulgar.

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Alex S (nl) wrote: I quite enjoyed this romantic comedy - it was cute and funny!

Ioannis S (br) wrote: Again the Dardenne did it! The issues of immigration, guilts, father-son relationship in a great film...

Robin W (au) wrote: If nothng else, I appreciate the filmmakers' sense of irony on this one: they decide to make a horror film about a demonically possessed movie script, and then write a screenplay for it that's so godawful that a demonically possessed one doesn't seem so bad! Despite its hilarious title, "Death by Dialogue" is yet another one of those horror films containing long, boring stretches where absolutely nothing happens; nothing really makes sense at all and while the movie does deliver a few entertaining moments of over-the-top weirdness that make you wonder what the filmmakers were smoking, getting to them will stretch your patience very thin. Highlights include one of the characters being killed off by an eighties hair metal band (?!) that just randomly appear out of nowhere and decapitate his head with a guitar, and the climactic sequence where the idiotic protagonists decide to defeat the demonic script by rewriting a happy ending for it and somehow manage to screw THAT up!

Phil M (de) wrote: Best part: Nicole Kidman doing her own BMX stunts.

Cresswell S (gb) wrote: funny action packed western about a robbery of gold

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