Calle 54

Calle 54

A film featuring performances of several stars of the Latin Jazz music scene.

A film featuring performances of several stars of the Latin Jazz music scene. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dalton H (ca) wrote: I must say, I really enjoyed the way this movie was shot. I specifically liked the part when the faces of the family members were zoomed in to capture their expressions. That was quite unique! I also enjoyed the imagery, the symbolism, the humor, and dark twisted uniqueness that made up this film.

Barry E (au) wrote: Finally got to watch this! Thought it was pretty great....the first segment is easily the strongest but the second is pretty funny and the last tense. I thought it came together well :)

Alex (ag) wrote: In some ways stereotypical, not very good for soldiers' morale or for relations, but I found it entertaining enough. The whole story about all soldiers having PTSD and being ticking time-bombs and so forth. But its watchable

joseph e (jp) wrote: Review #416 Thriller, Mystery, B-Movie, Excessive Nudity "8MM 2 is even worse than the orignal. It is a campy b-movie set in a mystery theiller tone. it is nothing but sex, sex talk, sex shows, and anything in that nature. This isn't anything you couldn't see on cinemax, or HBO late at night."

Hardy H (ag) wrote: it's a funny film alright, despite the fact that i am never a fan of ridiculously over the top comedy (mostly the last 15 mins, it just went nuts). Not everyone's cup of tea, but i think some people will probably pee their pants watching this off-beat comedy.

Laith M (de) wrote: Heard alot but when i sow it.. Not that good.

Fredrik S (fr) wrote: An OK action flic, but I get a feeling that this good a set up could have been handled better. It is never anywhere near as good as the original comics. Perlman is surprisingly good as the main character, though.

I dont know w (gb) wrote: Looks just as interesting as the other movies in the series.

Raji K (ru) wrote: Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis, Michelle Forbes, and David Duchovny star in Kalifornia. Pitt is Early Grace, a poor white trash redneck that is with Adele Corners (Lewis). The two are broke, live in a trailer and are on the verge of eviction. Duchovny is Brian Kessler who is a journalist researching serial killers. He and his photographer girlfriend Carrie (Forbes), put up a flyer to journey across America in route to California while touring sites of killings. Early and Adele decide to join them and the road trip begins. Brian is an optimist who believes that serial killers should be studied and evaluated instead of executed. Carrie is suspicious of Early and does not trust him. Unknown to them, but revealed to the audience is that Early is indeed a serial killer. The irony of Brian researching serial killers while one is right under his nose sets up most of the film's premise. Thankfully the film does not believe this alone writes the film itself. Kessler believes Carrie is simply judging a book by its cover. The contrast between the social classes of the two couples brings out was an excellent way for the film to add more tension and depth to the characters simultaneously. Carrie's suspicions of Early almost make Carrie a villain even though we know Early is in fact a killer, but her instincts seem to hinge solely on Early being low class. When Carrie learns that Early beats Adele, her suspicions and grow and the paradigm shifts to Adele being more of an innocent victim. This sets a level of tension, and the slow unraveling of the characters' flaws and as they traverse the country side really is where the film is at its best. All of the performances are adequate, but I cannot wonder if different casting would have significantly improved this film. I have never been a fan of Juliette Lewis, but her role in the film better suites her acting style. Pitt does his best being the redneck white trash as he applies his accent, but his transitions into violence, particularly towards the second half of the film do not seem sensible. Duchovny was the most generic of the four. Kalifornia starts of interesting and had potential to really be an intriguing film that attempts to truly help us understand a serial killer's psyche. The film dismissed the notion that serial killers have to be completely insane, or criminal masterminds, and can in fact just be the everyday Joe. This was another strength of the film. Unfortunately, film resorts over the top action and violence that completely contrast the first half of the film which I think disrupts some of the mentality that psyche. Early seems to transform from killing out of necessity and a sense of survival, to seeming to want to do it for the sport. Perhaps film tries to convey that one cannot predict a serial killer and they can go off at any time regardless of circumstances, but as Brian eventually states, the true difference between a killer and an average person is the lack of remorse. The fact that the entire film is narrated by Brian keeps the film from being more dramatic as we know he will live through the journey. His narration comes off as a bit boring and monotonous, and it detracts from the film more than it adds. The film attempts to add a sexy and romantic element to the film as the characters have sex scenes throughout. This works initially as the characters feel emotionally connected, and the scenes do not seem forced. There is however, a scene where Early and Adele have sex in the car, and Carrie gets captured in the moment and begins photographing it. This completely contradicts her disdain and distrust for the characters that would have had her feeling instantly disgusted by the sight even though her photos feature sex. Kalifornia is flawed for sure and I was ready for this film to be over. The first half was really good, then the second half seemed like a watered down version of Natural Born Killers. It does more things right than wrong, but it could have been much better. -10.15.2016

Daniel H (it) wrote: :fresh: [CENTER]This film shows pretty interesting facts about volcanos and earthquakes.[/CENTER]

Troy F (ca) wrote: An occasionally funny mockery of the MTV video making business. It's a bit silly in its own right, but fun and Robbins and Cusack are a likeable enough duo, following their desperation to break through the music video industry with some quirky gags and jokes. The film is cliche in itself a bit despite attacking the cliches of the business, but it's style is somewhat fresh enough too.

Joey T (kr) wrote: This movie has it's moments but I'm disappointed after seeing a list that had this rated as the #1 cult movie of all time. I like Do Or Die better!

Jesus C (nl) wrote: Wasn't that Justin Bieber's movie sequel about how he raped people after hitting puberty?

JB B (de) wrote: One of Reb Brown's finest (and with plenty of ass shots of the star) all plays out much like what a scientologist sees when he masturbates.

Art S (es) wrote: Potentially a great deal more audacious in 1967 than now when racism may be less overt than shown here (it has only gone undercover, sadly). Sidney Poitier plays Virgil Tibbs, a Philadelphia homicide detective who gets stranded in Sparta, MS, after being apprehended as a murder suspect (racism) and then asked to help out (but not really - racism again). Rod Steiger plays the new Chief who has to overcome his own redneck impulses while trying to stifle the racist tendencies of his force and the local townspeople. Of course, Poitier solves the crime (despite being misled at one point by his own tendency to suspect rich white racists); however, this isn't really the focus of the film (i.e., I'm not sure the facts of the case lead easily to the real killer). Nevertheless, the political points made here are still well worth it (try if you wish to substitute a Muslim cop into the Poitier role and see how it plays out in your head). Norman Jewison does an OK job directing, although some elements feel a bit schematic and the score by Quincy Jones is dated (sound and use). But you can always rely on Warren Oates!

Panayiota K (nl) wrote: What was the plot??? Build a house/business? Family? i have no idea what was happening in this movie


Gregory W (mx) wrote: Skip this and catch the first two Ziggy flix

Kieran F (it) wrote: This is the film that shall not be named haha

Luke R (ca) wrote: To its credit, the movie doesn't overstay it's welcome (short of 90 minutes duration) though I still felt it took a bit long to get into the story. Interesting concept, for sure, but the rest of the movie didn't deliver on its promise. Solid cast but there were no standout performances, maybe beyond Samuel L. Jackson who I always enjoy. Have a look if there's not much else around to watch.