Calles sangrientas

Calles sangrientas

A Gang Violent Mexican Movie were two bands fight for their territory, honor and glory. The Bikers vs. The Punks, Neither of both bands hesitate in killing whoever is in front of them, ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,  

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Mark D (fr) wrote: Somewhat more interesting then it's predecessor

Matt L (jp) wrote: this movie sucked. i like b movies, but this movie is just garbage in general.

Kanya A (mx) wrote: twisp tried to wreck a car, and failed horribly at it :P still an epic movie. could watch it again and again

Carlos K (jp) wrote: John Goodman and Pacino are peas and carrots.

Leo L (gb) wrote: Great movie! Hilarious!!

Nuvan M (us) wrote: "Time of the Gypsies" another surrealistic creation of Emir Kusturica, based upon a Roma boy and the way of his choosing life, his insatiate dream. As I was interested about East European Gypsies, the movie influenced me in an exceptional way. Love, trust-mistrust, Greed, Betrayal, affection altogether merged in a simple story. Again the music direction of Goran Bregovic, especially Ederlezi still remain in my heart. But to someone, perhaps, the film might more like to hilarious, yes, its also true, every terrific creation is hilarious. Another notable thing: in Kusturica's work, theres always a third party observer, an animal or a pet. Like in this film a Turkey and in "Life is a miracle" the Donkey.

Adam F (ag) wrote: It's not really that "City of Angels" is that bad of a movie; it's that when it really counts it often drops the ball and could have been so much more than what we get in the end. First thing you need to know is that this film is inspired by the German "Wings of Desire" but the two actually have very little in common. A sub plot from the original film was basically expanded to make this romantic drama. They're different movies so let's move on from there. In this story angels live among us. They are invisible, intangible and immortal. Nicholas Cage plays Seth, an angel whose main responsibility is to guide those who are dead or dying to the next life. Like all angels he can sometimes be seen by small children but the only beings he can talk to on a regular basis are other angels. Like all angels, Seth is unable to feel (both in the physical and in the emotional sense). This means that although he cares for humans he doesn't quite understand them. One day, as Seth is watching over an operation that isn't going as planned, he notices a surgeon named Maggie Rice (Meg Ryan). The way that she cares for her patients and the emotional impact she has when she loses the man she is operating on touches Seth. Somehow he finds himself falling for her despite the fact that they're from two different worlds. Even though Seth is able to get to know Maggie by making himself visible to her and engaging in some conversations, it just wouldn't work out. Everything changes though when Seth discovers that it is possible for angels to discard their immortality and become human.The movie is a mixed bag. First of all I want to discuss what works best: the romantic story between Maggie and Seth. The whole idea of wanting to be with someone so badly that you're willing to forget the person you used to be might sound creepy on paper but with the added element of Seth being an angel, someone who has been around pretty much from the beginning of time but has never been able to really understand what humanity is wins you over. Wondering what it would be like to be human feels like the real element that would drive him to his decision and the attractive surgeon is more of that final push that he needed. It delves into that idea that as a person, you take little things for granted. You never think that even though you might be single or in an unhappy relationship on your worst days, just the fact that you have the option of being with someone is something to be treasured. That and well, they make an angel's job look kind of dull too, so hey, why not try and go for the sexy lady?What doesn't work for the movie is all of the little details. There are several scenes where we can see groups of angels looming over Seth, as if they were this group sent to monitor him and disapprove of his actions. They make you think there might be some big conflict because he's abandoning his post, but there isn't; it's just a weird choice by the director. The characters in the film didn't come off as particularly interesting either. Seth is basically a robot until he becomes human so Cage is basically speaking softly and acting slightly creepy for the first hour. Maggie fares a little better but you never really feel like you get to know her. Sure she's upset when someone dies but who isn't? Other than that you learn that she likes pears and not much else. The lack of chemistry between Meg Ryan and Cage really hinders the love story too; They don't seem to dislike each other and there are some scene where you can see an attraction but overall, the sparks aren't there. It doesn't help that there are some moments of unintentional hilarity when Seth first becomes a human (there's a scene where he's dancing down the streets singing that had me laughing pretty hard).The ending of the movie does work quite well and is emotionally effective but it still doesn't make up for the faults found throughout. There's a death scene towards the end that really seemed unexplainable because the person dying didn't really seem that hurt or in that much danger and when Seth meets Maggie for the first time, he comes off as a creepy stalker, more like an alien than a wise observer that's been around for millennia. The touching moments are very good, particularly any scene with Dennis Franz as Nathaniel Messinger and the very last couple of scenes. Also a special shout out to the soundtrack, which is very well done, features some excellent songs and was perfectly tailored for the movie. I can't quite recommend it wholeheartedly because of what doesn't work but it's not what I would really consider a "bad film", just an average one that you really have to forgive a lot if you want to enjoy on a normal day but if you happen to find yourself in a particularly sappy mood, It'll hit the spot. (Theatrical version on VHS, September 30, 2013)

Andy C (ru) wrote: Very odd, a fantasy movie that feels a lot like Sci-fi in a number of parts. Weird in so many ways with tons of odd scenes but filled with a ton of charm.