Calls Controlled

Calls Controlled


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   propaganda,   tank,  

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Calls Controlled torrent reviews

Conrad T (us) wrote: Excellent movie. Totally revealing the word Miserable.

Diego Martn (mx) wrote: Es una pelicula que salio directo a Dvd,teniendo en cuenta eso, hay que reconocer que tiene sus m (C)ritos, es atrapante hasta el final, esta buena.!

Adam C (us) wrote: I enjoyed this movie a lot. Saw the trailer of this on Youtube and tried to find a theater for it. Saw it at Cupertino 16. Enjoyed the fatherly figure passing on his roots to his son, but bad news strikes fast

Anastasia (ag) wrote: Needed more action, slow (10) OWN BLU

Ben B (fr) wrote: Rips off cheap scare tactics from too many movies to name, but underneath is a decent story and a likeable ending.

Andrew S (es) wrote: Very weird movie. Almost not even watchable just due to the fact that you have no idea what is going on. The opening scene is "God" stabbing himself in the stomach and disemboweling himself. So that's pretty fun. Other than that there isnt really anything amaizng about this movie, but if you are really into experimental horror films and shock films, check it out.

Dylan W (jp) wrote: 3 1/2This is prop my favorite Eddie Murphy movie. Fun idea that was well executed. The great Samuel L Jackson has a small role in the movie. The Barber scene is the greatest. Overall a pretty funny movie I would highly recommend it.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Throw a card at that fool!

wild willie n (gb) wrote: not bad...Eyes of a Stranger has some things going for it such as a decent score and some pretty good atmosphere. There is also some nice work by TOM SAVINI so we are doing ok. But Jennifer Jason Leigh's blind girl is very annoying and i found the killer in this not very convincing - i would have keep him in the shadows more - he reminded me of the psycho in DON'T AWNSER THE PHONE...who oddly enough i liked that character better. Anyways, E.O.A.S is alright for what it is - made during the prime yrs of the slasher flick. Its pretty damn short in length even thou it does feel like it drags in parts - more sex/nudity and possibly death might have helped more. Horror buffs should seek it out and make their own opinions.

Mohammed A (ru) wrote: It might not be the most substantial film ever made, but as a pure portrait of the 24 Heurs of Le Mans, and as a film conveying the spirit of motorsport as a whole, it excels in nearly every way

Dr A (us) wrote: Cars, Romance and Testosterone. Great use of stock footage. I really like this McQueen movie. I wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood remakes it... I'm sure this thought isn't that far fetched

Ahmad J (kr) wrote: Fun film with a couple unexpected cameos.

Jack S (gb) wrote: Soooooooooooo corny, laughed the whole time! And this was when I was the perfect age for this schlock.