Two men, fortyish, worn out by their wives, abandon everything to go and live in the back of beyond. There they meet a truculent priest, a boozer, Émile who recalls them to life's simple pleasures. Calm is what they want. But soon their example inspires thousands of disorientated males, fleeing the feminist 1970s. Soon, too, there arrives a squadron of nymphomaniac Amazons.

Three tales of jealousy, greed and lust about the most heinous crimes committed in Japan by women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno L (ca) wrote: The story was good but it could be better developed. Alec Baldwin was actually pretty good in this one.

Matt G (kr) wrote: 1996, what a year for Alien Invastion films. but Mars Attacks has to beat Indpendance day. Comicly funny, cheesy science and a massive hollywood cast, this is one of the best cult films i've ever seen, so bad it's funny. The most cheesiest cult film ever put on screen with a all star cast of all my favourite people in Hollywood Jack Nichelson, Glenn Close, Peires Brosnan, Micheal J Fox, Danny DeVito, Sarah Jessica Parker and even Tom Jones makes a apperence that makes this film comicly bad but so good. A classic parody on the classic alien invasion. I didn't like that a lot of the cast was cut short like Micheal J Fox was killed in the first visitation. Very badly funny and the gags were really funny aswell and has a really good comic effect of classic alien attack films. One of Tim Burton's under rated bests and a true delight to watch and very entertaining.

Ross A (kr) wrote: A riveting film about the dirty truth behind the rigged quiz shows, and the lengths the network went to in order to keep it under wraps. Phenomenal performances by John Turturro, Rob Morrow and Ralph Fiennes.

Justin W (es) wrote: basically, a bunch of folks put on performances...which leads to deceit and all that fun stuff. it took a while for it to gain any interest on my wasn't until the hour mark or so that i began to somewhat enjoy the film. but, i still didn't enjoy it enough to make that previous hour worthwhile. i did enjoy the cheesy ending, though. it's not the worst film i've ever seen...but i still can't recommend it.

Steve W (nl) wrote: Considered crap by the critics at the time and a box office failure, Somewhere in Time is a decent romance sci fi love story with decent acting. Little roles like Christopher Plummer are a nice touch, and its a decent little gem of a movie if nothing too amazing.

Sergio E (de) wrote: When You're Six Tons -- And They Call You Killer -- It's Hard To Make Friends... I really can't believe this movie was done in 1966. It really is interesting and since I love animal it was a plus. If you are an animal lover and enjoy a good fish story, this is the film for you. The only thing that was a little weird for me was the music but the rest was amazing I really can't believe these people did this in that year I just can imagine what they could do with the technology that we have now! This is an outstanding film about a killer whale named Naumu who is being protected by an oceanographer, Robert Lansing,(Hank Donner) and has a very hard time trying to tell the local towns people that this whale is not harmful. John Anderson, (Joe Clausen) is more worried about his salmon business and does not want a whale eating up his profitable business. The interaction between benevolent humans and a creature considered a threat. It pits an ignorant, small town against an oceanographer (Robert Lansing) and a shop keeper (Lee Meriweather) in working to educate the local township that Namu is not a threat, but a lonely animal needing attention. The scene in which Lansing and Meriweather engage in play with Namu inside the lagoon is priceless. Moreover, when Namu miraculously rescues the very man (John Anderson) who tried to kill him, makes this movie unbelievably precious. Ivan Tors produced many films and TV shows that nudged the audience to treat other species with respect and wonder. This was a novel film in its time that introduced audiences to the "Killer Whale" as a potential friend rather than threat. Based on a true story and very well made (lots of great location photography). The cast is low-key and everything is handled in a convincing manner. This was typical of the Tors approach. It's well-done material- not overly sentimental, with a respect for science and a plea to evolve as a species. It's the sort of movie that one doesn't see these days in a sea of CGI fantasy and family films that are merely bad comedy. A compassionate scientist forms an unlikely friendship with a magnificent killer whale

Zoran S (br) wrote: Not nearly as good as the other Boetticher/ Scott films mostly because it isn't characteristically stark. Still, it's quite good.

Alex P (kr) wrote: Thanks North Park theatre for showing this gem. I can't help but think that this movie inspired my favorite movie Lost in Translation. 2 foreigners in Rome, meet by accident and have a romp then say goodbye, to never see each other again. Great film.

Harim K (jp) wrote: i've never seen gary cooper be so likable... i don't blame him because stanwyck, his love interest, is absolutely adorable in this as a spunky, wide-eyed idealist. both of them did quite well to make me leak a few tears in the end

Phoebe C (gb) wrote: this movie was really funny... but I don't think it was supposed to be.