A singer's car breaks down deep in the woods.

A singer's car breaks down deep in the woods. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan C (jp) wrote: A zombie drama (I specifically say drama) set after the American Civil War. It was interesting and should be admired for attempting to do something different with zombies but ultimately failed to hold my attention through the length of the film which was a bit overlong.

Al M (it) wrote: A creepy, stylish, and surprising horror film, Seconds Apart ranks among the best films released by After Dark. The concept of telepathic twins is provocative but not entirely original; however, Seconds Apart fully delivers on its premise as the twins mess with their schoolmates, fall in love, and exact brutal revenge.

Kathy K (nl) wrote: I highly recommend this documentary. It's got some really funny moments, highly insightful portrait of the certification process law students face, and an emotional ride with 6 folks going through the experience. My sweet husband made it look so easy - but now I understand the sleepless nights much better!

Shelley K (es) wrote: a gentle film with beautiful views of the Lake District

Barry T (ru) wrote: charming and very well acted by affleck and tyler

Mathieu R (us) wrote: A great movie ... Jean-Pierre Limosin share is passion for japan with a good story ...

Timothy M (mx) wrote: I continue to enjoy my run through Mike Leigh's films. This one's use of flashback is particularly effective, as is Katrin Catlidge's performance (didn't realise she had passed away; very sad). Lynda Steadman, on the other hand, is a bit too mechanical and forced. As par for the course in Leigh's films, there's no plot, but you still get the requisite climactic scene, which is quite sobering in this instance. Quite a good film.

Quinto W (ca) wrote: This is a hilarious movie, excellent satire and has a great performance by Withnail himself, Mr. Richard E. Grant. This is something I can kinda relate to in a way because I'm a marketing student and eventually I will have a figurative boil on my shoulder when my different sides clash. Truly an exceptional movie not to be missed.

Paul V (us) wrote: The supreme commander of the Pacific theatre of operations, WWII. Good movie.

Steve H (es) wrote: Good, traditional oater. Not bad for someone new to America (Lang).

Vicky M (mx) wrote: Dont like the end!!!

Nick A (jp) wrote: This movie could have been a horrible turd, but Zach and Will have great chemistry, and the laughs are deep and hard. It holds up.

Jake B (kr) wrote: One of my favorite books ever. I couldn't ask for a more perfect adaptation. Stunning visuals, the glade and the maze feel incredibly alive. It's hard to think of the area as something that can't exist. It's beautiful. As for the characters, though sometimes bland, they always stick to their parts and leave behind a memorable performance. O'Brien as Thomas is truly remarkable in seeing how he portrays such a smart and cunning yet incredibly reserved character. All in all, perfect.

Jarrett G (es) wrote: I expected more. Left me pretty unsatisfied