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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1911
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Calvario torrent reviews

Casiano A (mx) wrote: Ricky Baker gan su lugar tal cual MacLovin en Superbad.

JJ N (us) wrote: Movie misses out on one key point! When this happens to white children everyone gets up in arms, but minority children routinely get the book thrown at them for the same things and no one cares

Surajit Kumar M (au) wrote: This movie is having one of the best twists...This should be the entry to Oscar this year...Very beautifully made...A Must watch!

Saad K (jp) wrote: Miral - CATCH IT (B-)The story begins in war-torn Jerusalem in 1948 when Hind Husseini (HIAM ABBASS) opens an orphanage for refugee children that quickly becomes home to 2000 orphans. One of the children is seventeen year old Miral (FRIEDA PINTO, Slumdog Millionaire) who arrived at the orphanage 10 years earlier, following her mother's tragic death. On the cusp of the Intifada resistance, Miral is assigned to teach at a refugee camp where she falls for a fervent political activist, Hani (OMAR METWALLY, Munich, Rendition) and finds herself in a personal battle that mirrors the greater dilemma around her: to fight like those before her or follow Mama Hind's defiant belief that education will pave a road to peace. (RT)First of all it's nice to see finally movies about Palestinian' prospective after Paradise NOW on international level. The Jews may have suffered during World War II but how can justify themselves by doing the same thing in Palestine and as they did in Bosnia. It's defiantly a nice attempt but the movie is not as effective as suppose to be. The movie could never determine which woman story they want to tell. It focuses on one woman and we forget about the other one and her thoughts. Frieda Pinto has done a good job as always, she is really impressive and getting better with each new release. Hiam Abbasss has done a decent job. Cameos by Vanessa Redgrave and William Defoe are nice.Anyways, it's a nice movie about Israelis terrorism on the Palestinian. It's about time world should accept that the situation for Muslims is as worst as as it was for Jews during World War II.

Erick R (au) wrote: Surprisingly good flick. A real different performance from Randy Quaid. Worth checking out.

Carlos G (au) wrote: Un bodoque pretencioso y confuso, es un "todo por 2 pesos" de la filosofa ms banal y pseudo new age de moda. En la olla de Coppola cabe todo para el guiso: mutaciones gen (C)ticas, reencarnacin, el nazismo ocultista, la ciencia fringe, y un trabajo de cmara que parece que estuviera vendiendo perfume caro en cada toma. Uf.

Calye L (nl) wrote: What a delightful movie. Charming, fun and a great: people do stupid things sometimes, but that doesn't make them bad, know about what you believe in and your family isn't always right theme. Heartwarming. Oh, and Neil Diamond. Woot!

THEdjpluto (de) wrote: James Wan, the horror genres brightest new young director, brilliantly mixes torture porn and crime drama to cringe worthy effect.

Al M (it) wrote: Not as good as its guilty pleasure predecessor, Wishmaster 2 is still a thoroughly enjoyable piece of horror cinema with tons of cool, funny deaths. Highlights include the djinn hanging out in prison and the djinn visiting Las Vegas. Great times even if it isn't a great film.

Owena C (au) wrote: GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bill s (ca) wrote: A real life character study of do wrongers trying to do notch acting in this tense thriller.

Pierre J (us) wrote: my fourth movie of all of time.saw it years ago and i am still amazed by the art decades after

Matthew W (jp) wrote: This is a really bad movie, it was made in Mexico back in the 1950s with a budget of $0.01. The only reason to watch this movie is if you want to see the worst Christmas movie ever written.

Wwe S (kr) wrote: It's a good film and he's returning even better