After he is threatened during a confession, a good-natured priest must battle the dark forces closing in around him.

The film revolves around a good-hearted priest threatened when he falls into a confession, and then he has to fight with the dark forces around… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Calvary torrent reviews

Jonathan L (us) wrote: I just kept wanting for him to stop eating.

June M (ag) wrote: I think this is a pretty good movie. A little hard to figure out, but it was a good romance,and it ended well.

MEC r (jp) wrote: I did not really like this movie.

Guillaume H (es) wrote: In terms of 90's nostalgia, its a really rich basket, but there's something fake about it, with a social critique that tries so hard, carried by very dramatic\ ironic teens and a lead ''outsider'' who's the very blueprint of an A-type. One of the movies best asset is the persistent weirdness of the tone; stack up enough of it and it pays off, sadly. Then there is the misty beauty of the pacific northwest, wich gives the whole movie its dreamy, wet and claustrophobic feel as it tries its very best to emulate the Twin peaks creepiness and norm-core false comfort. So this is in no way a classic but in its type it succeeds well enough, and its good memorabilia from a not-so-long-ago that looks older by the day.

Dave G (ag) wrote: It's very rare that a movie will make me cringe and almost turn away from the screen, but SENSELESS did just that. It isn't a horror movie, but what happens to Jason Behr's character is quite horrifying - and the fact that jaded webcast viewers from all over the world are deciding his fate is even more disturbing. Considering today's fascination with all things 'on-line' and violent, I found myself sometimes forgetting it was just a movie. Jason Behr is fantastic. You've been warned, this movie is NOT for everybody - but highly recommended.

Robin P (br) wrote: Martin Short is hilarious in this! He plays a guy who has the worst luck ever. The movie itself isn't great but still entertaining and so silly, especially when Short's character tries to fight Glover and gets stuck in a tree, or tries to take a drink and the straw goes up his nose, or gets stung by a bee and is allergic :0...I laugh every time! I can't find this movie though, I guess it's out of print? On my "Pretty Ridiculous, But I Still Like 'Em" list.

Jeremy P (fr) wrote: Need to see this original, the remake was quick creepy! I have heard this is very good.

Ben V (mx) wrote: I liked the scene at the Chinese Restaurant drive thru

Robertson R (jp) wrote: Flashback to the good old Shyamalan days