King Arthur establishes the ideals and laws of Camelot but is tragically forced to enforce these laws against his own wife.

This medieval tale recounts the story of King Arthur who seeks to establish a peaceful state by gathering together a force of knights. Sir Lancelot, whom Arthur builds a strong friendship, but whose romantic inclinations towards his king's wife are reciprocated and undeniable. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Camelot torrent reviews

Christopher H (es) wrote: Stunning animation, moments of hilarity but a little ponderous and can be trimmed to an excellent 90 min movie.

Dallas S (fr) wrote: It's the sort of movie you'd watch on HBO when you're out of town on business... like I'm doing right now.

Dee O (gb) wrote: Awesome movie... you will definitely laugh and cry with them on their tour from New York to San Francisco.I would love to watch this movie in English, just to hear how their East German accent sounds. ;)I highly recommend this movie.

Libby T (gb) wrote: One of those humongous animal monster movies that terrorizes a town.

Beth P (ag) wrote: People are throwing around a lot of terms, like "psychological rape." Hahaha, I LOVE this movie.

Greg W (br) wrote: Amiable, old-fashioned science fiction film, much done in the spirit of serials. Eddie Cahn is a filmmaker worthy of further study.

Loreno V (ru) wrote: How can anyone not like a movie like this? Errol Flynn is awesome as Don Juan. Maybe not as awesome as Robin Hood or Captain Blood but still very entertaining.

Mike F (de) wrote: It wasn't perfect, but gave me a probable sense of the voyeur that he was.....

Jerem M (ca) wrote: This movie is so laughably bad that you almost have to love it just for how bad it is. Seriously, some scenes will unintentionally have you chuckling due to their utter implausibility. It's especially funny to see each character constantly turning on each other at the drop of a hat. Nevermind that it's a weak attempt at the overwrought serial killer thriller. Just be thankful that it's so dumb.

Waleed A (kr) wrote: very funny and creative. had some misses and boring parts but still a great movie overall. lots of small roles from people who later became famous (4 viewings)

Marcus M (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this movie.. Mike myers role as a druggie club owner, was epic. Was def good to see him do a serious role.. Ryan phillepe killed the movie.. He can't act for shit...