Life in 1847 Paris is as spirited as champagne and as unforgiving as the gray morning after. In gambling dens and lavish soirees, men of means exert their wills and women turned courtesans exult in pleasure. One such woman is Marguerite Gautier (Greta Garbo), the Camille of this sumptuous romance tale based on the enduring Alexandre Dumas story. Garbo's aloof mystique and alabaster beauty illuminate this George Cukor-directed film featuring what many call her finest performance. Her Camille is a movie paragon of true love found (in suitor Armand Duval, memorably played by Robert Taylor), then sacrificed for a greater good. Garbo earned an Academy Award nomination and the New York Film Critics Best Actress Award for her memorable work.

A Parisian courtesan must choose between the young man who loves her and the callous baron who wants her, even as her own health begins to fail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael W (gb) wrote: Good film if you like the Indie social message movies! The Rover is a too realistic movie! My wife thought The Rover dragged on and was pointless. I believe my wife's thoughts were the intentions of the director. The Rover is about when society has no social contract and rule of law just and decays into lawlessness. In such an environment the protagonist (Guy Pearce) has to take matters in his own hands get his own car back. One sees decay, and crumbling, as Pearce aimlessly/ violently wonders the land. The main point of the movie was when Pearce was arrested, and felt relieved that he actually was responsible to someone. Pearce envied the officer who had a reason to exist. With out giving the movie away the movies ends with a strong social message. The lack of semblance was painfully portrayed with the pointless violence at the end which leaves the viewer empty. 3 stars.

Stephen S (gb) wrote: Interesting film history. Not sure that it motivates me to watch any of the movies talked about, but I've seen one or two.

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Michelle I (de) wrote: Not a bad movie but i wish it would have developed relationships more,

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Andy G (es) wrote: Excellent movie. This movie has the best visuals in the series (which look great in 3D, btw), as well as really excellent writing and animation. The movie deviates from the previous films in that it's more serious in tone than the others, but I think it was absolutely the right direction to take the series for the last entry, and there are still plenty of great funny moments throughout the film as well. This movie very nearly took the spot of being my favorite Shrek movie, but Shrek 2 just barely beat it.Personal Grade: S+Technical Score: 86%

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